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3D Pong (Classic Game)

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  • you don't get a free DVD every time you play
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    1 Review
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      06.09.2001 21:45
      Very helpful



      I found this only recently through the new categories section of dooyoo. I play a lot of online games and am always looking for something else to try and whilst 'Pong' as such isn't exactly the most groundbreaking of ideas, it is certainly quite addictive in its own stupid way. I used to play Pong back on my old Commodore Plus 4 computer when I was a wee nipper and I kind of get the feeling that it was around before I was born as well...but I could be wrong. It is basically gaming at its most simple. You have two 'bats', one for each player and a 'ball' which is batted back and forward between them. The idea is that you knock the ball past the opponents bat to score points. The winner being the best out of however many it was... 3D Pong on this site takes this idea a little further, but not much. Instead of the originals two dimension screen with two side walls to riccochet off of, thick lines for bats and a square ball, 3D Pong puts you in a rectangular tunnel - four walls to bounce off, flat rectangular paddles controled by moving the mouse and a game where the pace of the ball gets progressively faster as you continue. Each time you hit the ball(no easy task) you get a point, each time you play it past the fiendishly good computer you get a bunch of points(no, havent worked out the scoring on this yet) until you run out of balls. The you can enter your name so that it records your top score. That is pretty much it - you bat a ball backwards and forwards until one of you misses it....and it is surprisingly addictive. Lightning reflexes are necessary here if you are ever going to beat the computer opponent who is pretty tough and so far I am yet to come within 400 points of him with my top score a miserable 244 :o( . Still, this all adds to the longevity of a game and I will certainly be back for more at some stage...grrrr. To play 3D-Pong you will need internet access(which I assume you all have if yo
      u are reading this) and the shockwave flash plug-in. It loads up pretty quickly and is easy to get to grips with because of its simplicity, although actually mastering it is an entirely different matter. Personally I think its a lot of fun, so go and have a look if you have a few minutes to kill.


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