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Abuse (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2003 07:00
      Very helpful



      ABUSE ------ This was originally released in 1995, by Crack.dot, but has since been released as freeware when the company went bust, what this means is that it is free and legal to download from the net. The game is a side on platfrom action shootem up, that gives more than a little nod towards Doom. The storyline is pretty non-existant, its your usual, one man against the entire alien race. Its a dark atmospheric game that is actually quite scary to play! ------GAMEPLAY----- This is played as a side scroller, it is basically a platform game, but think what Doom would be like if you took away the 3rd dimension and thats more like it. A bit like the Snes version of Metroid. Its a very fast paced shootem up, with the usual weapons and power ups such as laser guns, grenades guide missiles and flamethrowers. So far this is making it sound a bit boring and unoriginal, that is quite far from the truth, it is very original, mostly in the control system which i will mention later! The game plays like one of the Aliens films, exept with a lot more aliens, during the course of a game you are going to wipe out hundreds of these scary beings! You are in an underground prison system, which is very dark, there are lots of passages and air vents As seen in Aliens, in fact if they had got the licencense this could almost be an Aliens game, it has that sort of atmosphere about it, and it really does have atmosphere, some games engross you a bit, this one will have you wetting yourself over the aliens appearing. The aliens tend to like to jump out on you when your least expecting it! and there is never just one or two, no way, here you get an entire army of them, all baying for your blood, and they move fast, you must be very quick with your gun! The levels are all very well laid out, with secret walls that can be blown up, offering new areas, simple puzzles of the flick a
      switch to open a door variety, and they offer a large area to run through. If for some strange reason, you dont like the levels, you could always create your own with the included level editor, although i havent used this, so i cant say how good it is! There is also a multiplayer option, but again i havent tried this, i have no friends!! There are about 30 levels in total, but these are all cut into smaller levels, so there are lots more! -------- CONTROL -------- This is the really innovative area of the game, unlike your normal action platformers, where you can shoot the way your facing, this one offers 360 degree aiming, this is done by playing with a combination of the mouse and the keyboard. You control the characture with the cursur keys, and you control the gun with the mouse, thus being able to shoot in any direction, this is very original, and once mastered really adds a lot to the game. -------- GRAPHICS -------- The graphics are dark, not just fairly gloomy, these are actually DARK, you will have trouble seeing whats going on in some areas, but this is intentional and really adds to the scary atmosphere. The game has a nice lighting system, which lights up certain areas, but most of it is dark. The backgrounds, are nicely drawn, but nothing special, but as the game is so fast you will hardly notice the graphics anyway! The enemies are all well drawn, but there arnt very many different styles. ----- SOUND ----- This is something i very rarely bother with, most games have annoying little tunes, these end up getting on my nerves and i stick a cd on. Well this game is one of the few which breaks that rule, there is no music, just effects, these are all well placed, never too obtrusive but can actually make you jump, its almost like the soundtrack to a horro film. ---------- DIFFICULTY ---------- Th
      is game is very difficult, to actually get very far into the game, you will have to play a lot of times. The first level is a kind of tutorial, which helps with the controls, this eases you into it nicely, but fairly soon, you will be fighting hundreds of aliens and trying to find the end of level, which does get harder as the levels can get very challenging, with some of the puzzles being quite devious. The other thing that makes this game quite hard is the control, but once you get used to the mouse and keyboard combination, you will be running killing aliens in no time. -------- OVERALL -------- If you want a game which drips with scary atmosphere, then id download this, it wont cost you anything and is well worth the time. Now it can get a little repetative after a while, but this sort of game always does. Anyone that doesnt think they would like it, id still say download it, as it isnt a big file, and it can take a few hours out of your day! Thanx for reading. Kyle


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