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Airforce Delta (GB)

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2009 01:53
      Very helpful




      "AirForce Delta" is a vertical scrolling platform game copyrighted to Konami in 1999-2000. Many gamers will recognize this vendor as one which produces higher quality action games, though this title may have been an exception to that prevalent notion.

      AirForce Delta is simply about war-time combat within an airplane. Players control an aircraft of their choosing and engage enemies in combat as they appear on-screen (the plane "flies towards" the obstacles). Players use the arrow keys to control the direction of their plane and both "A" and "B" buttons to use the plane's weaponry. There are eleven missions to complete within this title and each feature a unique background story, heavily influenced by military terminology and strategy, to ready the mind prior to playing. Actual gameplay, though, is highly repetitive and often features the same enemy positions and details. This all becomes too predictable and boredom sets in within ten minutes of playtime.

      The graphics are quite good for Gameboy Color and feature higher attention to detail. I particularly liked the use of trees and buildings below the player's airplane where, if the player so chooses, he or she can lower the craft and look closely at the detailed branches on trees or windows on houses. Like gameplay, though, these graphical inserts became repetitive and did not feature any variation throughout the game; even the background graphic was repeated throughout each mission and only featured a slight change in tint.

      The music and sound effects for this title were poorly composed and often distorted. I found myself playing this game without the use of sound, and I suspect that would be similar for many other players as well.

      AirForce Delta is a title to be avoided. There is just not enough variation in the game for it to be enjoyable. It almost seems like the vendor put this title together in a rush to meet a quota or release date. There is a second player option but this is something I did not test; perhaps that would make the game better in terms of fun-factor.


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