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Alienators: Evolution Continues (GBA)

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2009 23:14
      Very helpful



      Thumbs in the middle

      "Alienators: Evolution Continues" is a video game released for the Gameboy Advance console in 2001 by Activision. It is based on the American television series of the same name. In the United States, the game received a rating of "E" by the ESRB panel which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      Gameplay reflects a third person shoot 'em up title very similar to early "Duke Nukem" titles. Players control "Ira" who is the head of an elite team of alien fighters. A nearby research and development lab has been overthrown by a team of extraterrestrials and it the player's objective to clear the area using a "Devolver" ray gun. The game appears to approach the action genre from a more comical approach. Ira's weapon is not a ray gun in the "traditional" sense but rather shoots blue goop at targets. He also has access to various weapon attachments which are accessible in certain areas of the game and include "rocket propelled goo", "super sludge" and a "shampoo thrower". This game was clearly intended for a more child friendly market due the more "harmless" arsenal. To progress further in the game it is necessary for the player to acquire magnetic key cards which are hidden in the stages. In a possible criticism of the title, the enemies will come back to life after leaving one room to another and should the player have to retreat will be met with whatever he or she just eliminated.

      Graphics are sleek, well animated and come across as very colourful for the Advance's display. The levels are highly repetitive in nature due to the player being involved solely in a laboratory environment, but due to this general repetitiveness the developers were given considerable time to implement a very good design scheme. I also found the aliens to be poorly detailed and lacking any sort of hostile characteristics to compliment the storyline; Barney the Dinosaur could likely have provided a scarier scenario for the player. The audio, however, was of a higher standard and provided an excellent soundtrack worthy of listen throughout gameplay.

      Overall, Alienators is an acceptable title which could engage fans of the television series. It is a short title to complete, only offering 12 stages of play, but comes across as something which would entertain a player for its minimal duration.


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