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Asterix & Obelix (GB)

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2009 22:06
      Very helpful
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      An excellent title worthy of collection

      "Asterix: Search for Dogmatix" is the formal title of this product, wherein the player is given two character options between "Asterix" and "Obelix". These names may appear familiar to some as they are characters taken from a popular French comic strip. The game itself is an excellent platform puzzle type experience which does not boast many areas of flaw.

      Gameplay is somewhat unique in this title. The player is given an overview of a map where he or she is to choose a playing level of personal preference. There is no set order in which the levels must be completed but the player will find some areas require keys, gained by completion of other readily available levels. This is a standard platform game as far as the genre goes. The player will guide their character of choice around a small area while collecting items and avoiding obstacles. Controls are also standard, with the arrow keys guiding movement, "A" key utilizing the jump and "B" making use of an available attack (Asterix's attack features an uppercut-like punch to nearby enemies). The player will also find that the objective of each mission is clearly stated prior to entering the level, for example "Run for your life" would hint that the character must be continually on the move.

      Graphics are very bright, detailed and well animated. I found nothing wrong in this area and feel that this producers of this title made full use of the console's available technology. In similar games the main character tends to be a small sprite image; "Asterix: Search for Dogmatix" features large scale drawings which are very well detailed and have "physical" features which are highly distinguishable. I particularly like how the characters react to their environment. If Asterix were to walk across a chasm, for example, his on-screen mannerism would become slow and cautious.

      Audio is acceptable as far as a Gameboy Color title goes. Backing music is well composed and does not offend the ears as some games typically do. The implemented sound effects were also appropriate for their intended purpose.

      I could not find much fault with "Asterix: Search for Dogmatix". For anyone who enjoys a platform game this would likely be a very good choice.


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