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B.C. Kid (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2004 13:45
      Very helpful



      How many hours did I sit playing this game? Must have been hundreds, but I did complete it.


      Good question! Mainly it seems to be to get to the end of each level in turn. The other seems to be to rescue some rather disturbing creatures that have been possessed by some evil being.

      ====Kind of Game====

      Yet another trusty joystick waggler as my Dad would have said. Not much brain power is involved - actually virtually none!

      It varied between playing on a flat and a platform game and was only for one player.


      These vary from dancing cacti to sunglass wearing kangaroos. Admittedly some of these are quite amusing. To kill them, you either jump in the air and land on top of them with your head, or head butt them.

      ====End of Level====

      As expected, here you meet a "big baddie". To kill these you just jump around on head again till they flash. Bingo, you've just unpossessed them. Once you've saved them, they'll give you some advice for the next level.


      You'll notice lots of plants around the game. Yellow ones will help you jump higher and the red and green ones give fruit and veg. Watch out for the ones that aren't breathing - you'll find out why!

      All red plants give a spicy treat that offer extra protection for a short while.


      You get a few hits before you die. To rebuild your energy, collect fruit, veg and yellow and blue discs that appear after you've killed baddies.

      If you see a little orange bloke lying around, grab it as that's an extra life.

      If you do lose all your lives, don't panic too much, as there are a couple of continues.


      It's got to be said, these were naff! Everything was very basic, with garish colours. The main character, ie the person you play, is incredibly ugly, with the world's biggest teeth.


      Annoying, annoying, annoying! Does that sum it up?! There is a toggle at the very start of the game in options, where you can choose what "music" you want on - or off!!!

      The sound effects aren't much better either. They don't really make much sense in my opinion.


      As expected, up for jump, left, right, fire for head butt and up and fire to land on your head.

      Auto fire is a good option as you can almost "fly" through the air.

      ====Game Play====

      There are many hours of play in this game if you want to complete it. But unfortunately, each level seems to be pretty much the same as the last, especially as you're approaching the end of the game.

      I got bored playing this quite quickly, but my determination to complete it made me keep playing.

      There's no "what's coming next" impact in this game. Just when does it end.


      Don't worry there's no big give aways coming. Just some pointers.

      You'll come on to a level called Cavelands or something like that. The nae is there for a reason. Don't ignore the caves you pass. Ones with a dancing cactus directly to the left of the entrance can be entered. Do this by pushing up. In these caves are challenges that are timed. I didn't really get all of them as sometimes when I played, I got points for speed, others for being slow! Any points you get go towards bagging a new life. There's also a lot of fruit in some that boost your energy. One even has some extra goodies. Don't forget the caves when you reach Caveland 2 - told you levels were repeatative.

      When you are inside the dinosaur, instead of going under the gap in the "water", swim to the surface and climb the "wall". Here you'll find a gap. It is difficult to get in it but it is possible. The best way to get in it, is to jump away from the wall, pull back towards it and push fire to land on your head in the tunnel. At the end of it is an extra life.

      Extra lives are kept in places you can't see very well so look everywhere.

      ====Over All====

      Personally, I'd avoid this game unless you're really bored. Younger boys might enjoy it more, because of the prehistoric theme. Not the best amiga game on the market.

      Thanks for reading.


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