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Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance (GC)

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  • Some Areas are too big!
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    1 Review
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      09.03.2004 15:43
      Very helpful



      • "Some Areas are too big!"

      Balders Gate on gamecube is exactly the same as the PS2 version and X-Box version. All this rubbish that it gets slow down and jerks is stupid. It runs fine and personally, i think with the gamecube controller, it is maybe better on gamecube. The graphics are lush and make you drool with the crisp water detail and shining armour. The detail is imaculate down to the decapitation of rats (cutting the head clean off), the destruction of a dragon or a mighty lunge by a giant, the detail alone will keep you playing to the end. The storyline in Balders Gate is also very good, it relates back to the time when Eldrith the destroyer fought wars for Balders Gate, yet she was betrayed by her armies who perished in the heat of battle. She was destrought about the fact that Balders Gate did not send reinforcements and she too perished in battle. Or so we believe..... The game is set in gorgeus locations such as old villages, ice caves, tombs and even the sewers all dripping in high detailed graphics and packed to the rim with all kinds of monstrous beings. Some of the fiends you will encounter range from zombies, yes the undead are here too along with their skeleton and mummny friends, giant rats who although easy enough to kill, can be a pain when surrounded and of course, Ciraxis, the ice dragon. A giant dragon that breathes ice and can cause massive damage. Their are over 50 different enemies and all are highly detailed and give you a scare when encountered. Your character levels up as you kill enemies and you can level them up further with skill points you earn. This can increase your strength, your health recovery rate and your dodge skill. You also buy new armour and weapons as you progress or you can find armour and weapons left from the dead or found in weapon racks scattered thgroughout the land. The game took me about 8-9 hours to complete, but with the choice of a dwarf, a human archer and a elven sorceress, it bags lots of replay value. All the characte
      rs have individual skills and powers. The archer obviously has the bow but is quite weak in body points, the dwarf is strong and tough but is farely slow, and the sorceress is weak but the has the power to cast spwells at her enemies. All the charcters make the game really exciting and lead to new ways of completing challenges. If you get bored, you can also try co-op mode with a friend! Balders gate is a definate buy on gamecube, it has great graphics,great gameplay,great storyline and well worth the £30.


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