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Bass Avenger (Classic Game)

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The fish fights back in this action-packed contest, developed by Simon & Schuster Interactive, between beast and mankind.

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2001 21:14
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      Bass Avenger is a novel idea in a time when many games manufacturers seem to be running out of them. How many times do we have to see yet another Quake clone for God's sake!?!?! As such, it should be applauded...but... Sadly this is the best thing that can be said for what turns out to be one of the woest games ever to hit the PC. It may be novel but it certainly isn't good! Do you remember Deer Avenger? No probably not, because that was the last flaming awfulrelease ftrom this particular software company. Universally panned and rightly so, Deer Avenger soon disappeared from sight - Bass Avenger isn't much of an improvement upon this and looks set to follow the same fate..actually its worse in my opinion. The game is so incredibly shalow it is unbelieveable. ou play a fish, swimming around in a pond. At the start of the game, you enter your name and choose from 3 different types of fishing trip - 'quick trip', 'casual outing' or 'long haul'(and they're not joking either), and select the difficulty level - from a choice of three. You then swim around the lake in a zig-zig pattern, waiting for your inbuilt fishy radar to locate a fisherman. When you find one, you get to select your bait from a choose of beer, moonshine, pizza, a bra or marbles(why?) in an attempt to lure him into the water whereby if successful you can let him go or keep the corpse... ...and thats it. You get points for each fisherman you catch and attempt to get onto the highscore table which loads at the start and end of each game. The graphics stick, the sound is pretty poor and it weighs in at a hefty £25 as well. Simon & Schuster are rapidly establishing themselves as a games publisher to avoid at all costs with this Deer Avenger 1 AND its sequel becuase they even had the gaul to release that as well! The Bottom Line - AVOID THIS GAME! There is nothing here to appeal to anyone, not even the most avid fisherman o
      r ardent fishy-rights campaigner.


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