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Baten Kaitos (GC)

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Genre: Action / Rating: T - (Teen) / 1 player / published by: Namco

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2008 19:57
      Very helpful



      Not a great rpg but passable

      Baten Kaitos is a traditional rpg in the sense that it has turn based battles mini quests and the usall charcter growth. The story is set around 2 characters and you. you play the guardian spirit that is fused with Kalas a young warrior how is seeking revenge for the murder of his brother and grandfather. The game is set in a fantasy world where angels and mystic beasts are common. the graphics and movie scenes are good and you will enjoy the story line as it gets quite gripping. The battles which are turn based are done through the use of magus cards. This is basically an items essence trapped in a card, this can be anything from weapons to items and even magic. By selecting different cards in different order you can make some amazing combos. The towns and field maps are varied and you will find quite a bit to do in most towns. The charcter devolpment is ok nothing ground breaking just your standard leveling up and equiping. As you play through your choices you make will have an impact on how your character reacts and what he says. To be honest this is an ok rpg that will keep you busy for about 50 hours but would have much rather seen a standard battle format as this one is a bit over whelming


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  • Product Details

    Baten Kaitos is a world where islands float in the air and oceans are story from the past. A world already on the edge is about to fall into chaos, when a young man named Kalas goes after revenge. Travelling with the more noble Xhela, they'll enter the ancient Moonguile Forest and seek out answers to old questions. As they go, they'll be led by a spirit that guides Kalas to his goal -- and his destiny as savior.