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Battleship - The Classic Naval Combat Game (GB)

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2009 19:05
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      "Battleship" takes the popular board game of the same name and brings it to the Gameboy Color console with additional features. For those familiar with the title, they would have all the knowledge required to play the basics of this game fully. There are some new implements, though, that are worth mentioning.

      Players begin by "deploying" their chosen ships on a small grid while the opponent does the same. The game then becomes a turn based strategy process, with each player choosing a spot on the opponent's grid to try and uncover various boats. The side who eliminates the others fleet first will be the victor of the game. This console edition goes one step further in giving players various items to help them on their task, for example a "radar" item which can be used to scan a large portion of the opponent's grid for presence of enemy fleet. This brings quite a new challenge on a traditional household board game. Controls are standard in that the arrow keys will guide player to his or her preferred area to "fire upon", which is done by pressing the "A" button. One fundamental flaw I found with this game is that a player can accidentally choose to fire on a spot which has already been played which results in wasting a turn. This "double action" would not be permissible in true playing of the board game.

      Graphics are standard as far as a board game would appear on a handheld console. The player will, for the majority of the game, be looking at a small grid which is blue and yellow; somewhat traditional "naval" colours. The producers of this title also included animations rather heavily throughout the game. When a player chooses a designated spot to play on, he or she will be shown a large missile traveling towards the area and either a "hit" or "miss" animation. There are only these two special effects but do seem to give the game additional appeal without obvious repetitiveness. Both colours and animation boast a good range of shades and clear effort by the artists.

      Audio is also good with simple music and sound effects following the appropriate actions throughout, for example when firing a missile there is a clear "flight" noise which would accompany an in-person situation.

      There is not much to be said about a board game coming to a console. It is usually standard as far as gameplay would go, but the producers seemed to have gone the extra mile in putting in various life cycle extensions to keep this game fresh with each play. There is also an included second player option which requires a separate game-link cable that would also be appealing for replay value.


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