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    1 Review
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      16.02.2010 19:35
      Very helpful



      Overall a great fun game

      I really enjoyed this BMX style biking game on the Playstation the first time I played it. It is better in multiplayer mode rather than one player mode but I guess that goes for alot of games around really. For me the game is very similar in gameplay and controls to Tony Hawk games and I love those.

      The game itself moves swiftly and cleanly with the controls and characters are very flexible when they fall and are very realistic with their movements. When in the air the best way to do combinations is to keep pressing the buttons very fast.

      There are four different modes to play in this game and each one is very different. Again they are far better in 2 player mode.

      Proquest mode is a career mode and is the best of the lot. You start as a beginner and with a default bike and helmet and more attitude than skill. Then you have to learn quickly and master the basics and move on and progress. If you do the tasks set for you correctly then can earn cash for new bikes and sponsors and new costumes etc. The first few tasks can be easy at first but do get quite hard as you go along.

      In session mode you have two minutes to get the highest score possible. You can choose any level and go for high scores. This is a mode that is just for fun though as you can't earn money.

      Free Ride mode is just a no rules mode. You can ride on any level with any bike and practise some useful tricks. There is no timer and you can't earn anything.

      In 2 player mode you get to compete against each other for different things. You can play best run, best grind, wipe out and more. This is great mode and is really fun. It's my favourite.

      At the start of this game you get 10 character and there is a hidden character to unlock. Each character has their own air, speed, spins and balance stats. They all have differen bikes and attributes too. There are a total of 12 levels and each one is great and different and big.

      This is a great game for BMX fans and non BMX fans alike...


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