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Bionic Commando (GB)

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 00:49
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      "Bionic Commando - Elite Forces" is a side scrolling action game released for the Gameboy Color console. This title was preceded by "Bionic Commando" for the original Gameboy console. The story revolves around a former utopia being attacked by an evil army known as the "Avars". The Bionic Commando is at the front line of this combat story, and engages all comers to liberate the once peaceful land.

      Gameplay is unlike other typical side scrolling games. A normal feature in a game such as this would be the character being able to jump, but instead the Bionic Commando features a grappling hook which is used to move him to hard-to-reach or distant areas. Tapping the "A" button will send a large hook from the Commando's suit and will latch on to a suitable area for movement. The player must then guide the direction in which he or she wants to move, for example if a player wished to "jump" to a higher platform above he or she would press the "A" button then the up arrow for ascension. There are numerous areas of standard running with the arrow keys but this grappling hook is frequently required throughout the game. Prior to gameplay, the player is presented an overhead map and can move across various stages. The player must be careful, though, as there are numerous enemies which might otherwise block movement and engage the Commando in combat. It all makes for a rather challenging game with some learning curve, but once this is mastered this title quickly becomes an enjoyable game. The Bionic Commando is also equipped with a rifle of sorts which is used by pressing the "B" button.

      The graphics in this game are good, and the game itself makes great use of a wide range of colours. As this is a future based fantasy game there are some odd shadings, such as orange coloured rooftops. Detailing is acceptable and I was able to distinguish clearly between the various enemies.

      Audio is also good for this title and features some audio cues throughout the game, mostly on the overhead map prior to actual in-game play. I found the game music to be well composed and did not show any signs of technical flaw.

      Overall, "Bionic Commando - Elite Forces" is a well built action game and could be an enjoyable replay. I would happily recommend it to prospective buyers.


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