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Blaster Master (GB)

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 03:37
      Very helpful



      Flawed storyline becomes an excellent game

      "Blaster Master" is a platform action game released to the Gameboy Color console. It's storyline, often criticized as confusing, features a teenage boy who fell into an underground cavern after chasing a pet frog. There he comes across an all-terrain vehicle and proceeds forth in a battle against underworld enemies. For what reason? That seems to have been left for personal interpretation, but it is later revealed that the final "boss" of the title was plotting an above-ground attack.

      Despite the confusing plot, the gameplay of this title is actually rather good. The way in which it was designed allows players to guide their vehicle through already complete areas, which is often necessary to complete the game. This function would normally be restricted in games of this genre. Like other platform titles it is necessary to guide the on-screen identity from one end of the game to the other using the available suspensions while avoiding obstructions and enemies. Controls are standard and feature "A" utilizing the vehicle's jump and "B" firing the on-board weapon.

      Graphics are acceptable and make good use of the console's available technology. I didn't notice any particular flaw in this area but do think producers could have given additional attention to finer details as the background colouring appeared somewhat inappropriate for the setting; the presence of live, but blue, trees in an underground setting for example.

      Audio was somewhat sub-par in that some of the sound effects implemented seemed unsuitable for their situation. The large vehicle, perceivable as something which would have considerable bass level, is featured with a rather light "pop" sound with each jump it makes. I suppose this is a somewhat pedantic criticism but it is noticeable throughout gameplay.

      Overall, "Blaster Master" is a title worthy of purchase and would likely have considerable replay value to the majority of its players. I was personally not particularly engrossed by the title but did enjoy it for its duration of play.


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