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Blasteroids (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2001 03:07
      Very helpful
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      Blasteroids is as the name suggests trying to play on the success of the classic Asteroids game whilst adding some new dimensions. It is pretty much similar to Asteroids, but does has a few additions which make it a little more 'varied' to play but not that much more fun...in fact, I still prefer Asteroids... The idea is simple. You have a spaceship and there are asteroids floating around the screen, different coloured to match their strengths. Some need to be hit several times before they break up but when they do they split into smaller asteroids until they are small enough to be blasted into space dust. You have three ships at our disposal to achieve this which can be accessed by pulling dwon on the joystick, bringing the new one into play inmmediately, each with their own different attributes - tougher shields, faster, more manouverable, higher firepower...etc. Careful use of these wil make the game much easier..probably. Blast enough asteroids into dust and you'll meet up with the mother ship(these are asteroids or aliens? I got lost somewhere), which fires asteroids(?) at you as you fly about her blasting off parts of her body. Beat her...and its on to more asteroid blasting... No, its not the most exciting sounding game in the world and no it certainly isnt the most exciting game in the world - in fact its all rather boring. The graphics do nothing to save it either, looking like a direct port from the Commodore 64, single blocks of colour and transparent at that do not show a high attention to detail by the programmers.Sound too sound rather inneffective and certainly nothing about this game makes full use of the Amiga's superior capabilities over its 8-bit predecessors. The levels are all too similar to make this very interesting for very long. Get past one and get another full of ummm asteroids, maybe different colours, maybe more of them, maybe taking more hits to destroy...but still multicoloured asteroids and a choice o
      f three spaceships. Yes there are power-ups dropped by some asteroids when they are destroyed but this s to be expectged and there is nothing exciting here either. Overall, this is a very average idea for a a game presented in a very average way. There were hoardes of this type of game freely available on PD or for a minimal fee on Shareware so why would you shell out for a full price version which doesn't look or play much better than these ones.


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