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Brain Bender (GB)

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 03:55
      Very helpful



      Acceptable in shorter bursts

      "Brainbender" is a puzzle title released for the original Gameboy console. For the purpose of this review, it was tested on a "Color" system but I did not find this to make any noticeable difference to the interface; it appeared monochrome in colour as the original Gameboy console was (albeit with a slightly greenish tinge).

      Gameplay is difficult and I did not immediately understand what to do when first starting. There are a series of balls, perhaps balloons, which fill up the screen and these are accompanied by small dials at both the top and bottom of the screen. These dials emit a flashing line segment to the next nearest dial. It later dawned on me that the player is meant to guide these line segments from dial to dial while, in the process, removing the balls from play and completing the puzzle. This does pose a medium challenge as far as a puzzle title, especially due to the timed element of gameplay, but does get somewhat boring and commonplace with each level progression. Control wise, the player sees a flashing square which is guided using the arrow keys to the appropriate dial, and "A" and "B" buttons control the direction in which it is rotated.

      It is difficult to review graphics of this nature as it appears standard on a Gameboy console. The images were sharp and did not show signs of poor rendering. I particularly liked the use of larger images as the Gameboy is notoriously known for smaller features leading to eye strain.

      The musical compositions in this title are good considering it's copyright date in 1991. I did not notice any particularly distorted areas. One noticeable annoyance in this game is when a player guides a line segment outside of play, two dials pointing north and out of bounds fir example, there is a loud buzzing tone to alert the user which quickly gets him or her back into play; it startles me every time!

      I enjoy puzzles but did not find "Brainbender" to be one I would engage with in the future. It's appeal lasts only for a short while.


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