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Bubble Bobble (Classic Game)

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    4 Reviews
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      17.08.2009 13:37
      Very helpful



      A timeless classic

      Made by the same team responsible for the Rainbow Island series, Bubble Bobble is a light-hearted, cartoony little game for one or two players in which you play as dragons who breathe not fire but bubbles. Contact with enemies is instantly deadly, but firing bubbles at your enemies imprisons them, sending them floating up slowly towards the ceiling and requiring you to jump at them to kill the baddies encased within, the level ending when all you enemies have been dispatched. Should you not manage to catch them however, they will drop from their bubbles in 'angry' mode, moving twice as fast as they did before.

      The levels are simple on-screen affairs made up of lego-style platforms and block patterns, and should you disappear down a hole at the bottom of a level you will reappear at the top of the screen, pacman-style. You can also collect snake eggs, which then burst open and send a snake whizzing downwards across the level's various platforms by the path of least resistance, taking any enemies or other players with it as it goes. Your enemies are an interesting mix of pacman-style chomping robots, boulder-rolling ghosts and diagonally-moving jellyfish-like blobs, and should your timer run out you will also have to deal with a red blob creature who can move towards you in any direction he likes making him very, very hard to avoid.

      Bubble Bobble has hundreds of levels, getting gradually more difficult as the game progresses, although there are umbrellas dotted throughout the levels which allow you to skip forward through a half dozen levels or so at a time. The levels are also dotted with special items such as fruit, ice-creams, diamonds, fast-food, cakes and so on, appearing both randomly and when you kill an enemy, and providing you with points that add up to give you extra lives. Its an incredibly simplistic and wholly addictive game that's suitable for all ages, and its pure, arcade-style gameplay means that it is still perfectly playable today. Perhaps its best feature however is the music: a simple, cartoony, 30-second long looped midi track that is in itself incredibly addictive and makes the game even harder to put down. A classic.


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      22.02.2006 13:32
      Very helpful



      A classic game which makes you rush greedily to get all the prizes and rescue the day


      Oh the joys of Bubble Bobble are endless.

      Once I played it as a child on nintendo, and again I was playing it on the pc version not long ago.

      It's addictive, engaging, light-hearted, mind-boggling fun!

      The storyline is linear, but the gameplay more than makes up for that.

      I never knew that Bubble and Bobble were two brothers who were enchanted and transformed into dinosaur/reptile thingies until I read about it online somewhere. Because it doesn't actually tell you that, but nevertheless, that is besides the point and even without ANY background info, the game is ridiculously amazing fun!

      Every single person I have met likes this game, from my little brother who's also a halo fan, to my little sister who likes to play with barbies, to my cousin who thinks videogames are retarded, despite this one, to women with grandchildren and grown pilot men I've acquaintances with.


      As mentioned, Bubble and Bobble are two brothers who have a spell cast on them and turn into funny looking, cute dinosaur creatures. And if that wasn't bad enough, their girlfriends get carried away by monsters and they have to venture into the cave of monsters, as it's called and rescue them.


      You basically see two dragon/dinosaur creatures encased in bubbles whilst the opening music plays and a few lines appear against a black background telling you of your fantastic journey into the cave of monsters.

      Then the main theme pops up and you are seen floating down into a box with a pink or red thick outline some lines which you can jump onto and go back and forth on, a few monsters that look like wind-up toys.

      You can jump, move up, down, left, right, make bubbles with your mouth, pop them, encase monsters within your bubbles and gently bounce on your bubbles to reach higher targets.

      You encase all three monsters and pop them. If you encase all three, wait, and make as many bubbles as possible and THEN pop the three monsters your other bubbles turn into small prizes of 300 to 500 points, depending on what it is, as it's always different.

      The prizes are usually food items, occasionally McDonald's food, jewels and so on.

      Your points are indicated on the top right hand side and left handside of the page, and your lives are indicated in numbers at the bottom left handside and right handsides - It's a two player game.

      Your points accumulate, but when you lose a life by physically touching a monster, receiving a blow from them (i.e. bottles or breaths of fire) then you lose all your points and re-enter with 0.

      Popping your own bubbles (without anything inside) also gets you points - but only 10 points per popped bubble.

      When you've killed the monsters in one box, you will move down the screen onto the next level, and may encounter different monsters, different settings, layouts, colours, tasks etc.

      The rule is that if you fall down a hole in bubble bobble, you come back down from the top of the screen, so that if you were falling down a hole continously, you'd be forever falling - this can be used to your advantage, if something is out of reach and you cna just slip to the bottom and come out on top.

      Sometimes strange objects just appear from nowhere, sometimes on set places, sometimes randomly.

      For an example there's an umbrella, and depending on the colour it takes you down a few levels, sometimes 5, sometimes 8 and so on.

      This enables you to skip levels and is a great advantage.

      Sometimes you'll see a cross which will let you spit fire instead of bubbles, sometimes you'll see a small red and yellow house which will initiate a bonus round where there are no monsters, just flowers, musical notes or circles to collect in a short space of time.

      You also collect letters, and they get added to your side of the wall to spell "EXTEND" and this gives you 1 up (1 extra life).

      Your objective is of course to go through all levels and get to the boss who then hands over your girlfriends and you turn back to normal.

      Pertaining to my title... fruits and other prizes often disappear after a while if you don't get them. They appear in place of destroyed monsters, and if you kill all monsters in one level in the same go, one prize will be greater than the next, for example you'll get an apple-1000, a paprika 2000, grapes-3000 and so forth.

      If you kill them seperately they all turn to apples or, depending on the level, something else.

      Sometimes bubbles that are not your own appear and cause special effects, for example if you pop them and are falling down in doing so, it drags you away at great speed and any monster that comes in its way is instantly killed, and when the prizes appear shortly after they are almost always crystals which give you around 7000 per crystal.

      Many other such things happen in this game, which makes it very addictive, and gameplay is absolutely great even now when we have PS2s, Xbox 360's and advanced consoles.

      10/10 for gameplay


      The graphics, although not what an audience nowadays wants, is stil cleverly executed. They didn't try making it realistic, and in doing so did themselves a great favour as it looks cute and it has its own air of originality and style which we wouldn't feel if the game were re-made into a game with highly-acclaimed graphics, controls and so forth.

      it's a simple game, with cute, endearing, simple graphics and that's exactly how it should be.

      Nevertheless, for today's standards, it is very primitive.

      5/10 for graphics


      The melody is quite addictive, and it grows on you after a while, and whenever you hear it it reminds of the time when you first played it.

      Its an original tune, and it reflects the characters well, and also doesn't distract from the gameplay, which is very good.

      I wouldn't listen to it in my own time though, like I would for other game's soundtracks like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

      5/10 for sound.

      Yet, I still give it an overall of 8/10 for still being a successful, fun, addictive game even in these times of advanced technology.

      Great stuff!


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        13.06.2004 22:12
        Very helpful



        ====The Story==== Bubby and Bobby are two brothers who have been turned into dragons by an evil witch and thrown into caves. It's your job to guide them through the caves to be turned back into humans again, so they can return home. ====What Kind of Game Is It?==== Like most Amiga games, this is a simple platform game, that involves completing levels that consist of one screen. It can be played as a one or a two player game so you will need two joysticks. ====The Aim==== To beat the baddies and return to being human. ====Completing the Levels==== A level is completed by killing all of the baddies. There is a time limit and if you fail to complete it withine that time"Hurry Up!" will appear on the screen and all of the remaining baddies will speed up. If you still take a long time to win, then threatening music will appear and so will a white head. This cannot be defeated! So you must complete the level quickly whist avoiding the head thing. If you still take ages, more invinsible heads will appear and try to kill you. TIP: When the level is about to be completed, get to the middle of the screen as sometimes, large rewards are dropped that are worth lots of points, which will help you get extra lives. ====Killing Baddies==== When you hit the fire button on your joystick, Bubby will blow a bubble. To kill the baddies, you must trap them in a bubble and then pop it. ====Extra Lives==== There are a few ways of gaining extra lives throughout the game. The first is by collecting points through the various rewards there are for killing baddies. The second is through challenges - see later. And the third is through collecting letters - see next section. ====The Letters==== After the first few levels, you will start to see coloured letters floating about. Collect these as they spell the word &
        quot;EXTRA". Once you have collected all the letters needed, you will complete the level you are on and get an extra life. Watch out for green E's and yellow T's. These seem to be the two that appear the least. ====Challenges==== I call them these for want of a better word. If you see a potion bottle appear, grab it! These transform the level you are on to a timed challenge to collect all of the goodies on the screen. The person who collects the most, will - probably - get an exrta life. ====Special Prizes==== Umbrellas These appear from time to time and are very useful. They transport you forward levels without you having to complete them. Boots These are run fast boot. Cups These do various things from sending thunderbolts, to bombs. ====Weapons in Bubbles==== On some levels you may notice bubbles floating around with thunerbolts or flames in them. If you pop these they will help to kill the baddies quicker. A TIP: face the opposite direction to what you want the thunderbolt to go when popping it. ====One or Two Players==== This game is much easier played as a two player game with both of you working together. If you choose the two player option then both of you can play together. ====Graphics==== If you take into consideration that this game was first designed in the 80's then the graphics are really good. This is a simple game so it's only right that the graphics should be simple too. There's nothing flashy about it but the players are cute. One cute little touch in my mind, is that when a bubble bursts, the word "pop" appears! ====Sounds and Music==== The music is very annoying and if I remember correctly, there's no way of turning it off. There is different music for different sections but it's all pretty similar.
        There aren't very many sound effects, mainly things like exploding bombs. ====Game Play==== This is a very addictive game, and despite hours and hours of playing it with my sister, we never completed it. We reached level 140 I think! ====Over All==== I like this game a lot. It's simple to play and one of few games that are good as both a one and two player game. The only fault I have for it is that there's no save option and the game is very long. ====The Story Continues==== After defeating the caves, poor Bubby and Bobby's troubles aren't over. help them battle there way through Rainbow Islands! Thank you for reading


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          19.09.2000 01:14
          Very helpful



          What a great idea for a new section DooYoo, it has really brought back memories for me, so much so that I'm on the look out for an Amiga emulator. Now the game. Bubble Bobble is a platform type game, there are 100 single screen levels for you to get through, and you can either play alone or with a friend. You take on the role of Bub and Bob, with are two really cute little dragons, but unlike normal dragons Bub and Bob can't breathe fire. Instead they shoot bubbles. The bubbles themselves aren’t very harmful, but once a baddie is caught in a bubble either Bub or Bob can jump on the bubble causing it to blow up, thus the baddie will turn into fruit that adds to your points score. When all the baddies on the level have gone, you them proceed onto the next level. This sounds very simple and it is. That's what makes this game so appealable. But don't get the impression it's that simple, there are several ways the makers have found to complicate the game. First there is a time limit on each level, there are loads of baddies to deal with, some will fly, some will shoot things and some will drop bombs whilst others just wander around. To help you there are numerous bonus's to pick up such as magic shoes that make you run like the wind, magic potions that will make you fire bubbles twice as fast, best of all though are the magic umbrellas which will advance you from 2 to 7 levels on. If you pick up enough fruit you will be rewarded with an extra life. The graphics on this game are simple, but well done. All the characters are cute. Everything is so colourful and clear and Bub and Bobs movement is fluid. The music is fantastic although it may annoy some people. Bubble Bobble is the best game I have ever played on the Amiga; it's just so perfect. Have a look around the Internet I'm sure you can download a free version, you won't be disappointed.


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