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Bubsy 3D (Playstation Game)

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Manufacturer: Sony / Type: Arcade & Platform

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2012 19:45
      Very helpful




      The original Bubsy game was a Sonic knock of for the Sega Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo. It was pretty average, and the gameplay was often frustrating, but it had reasonably good graphics and was a passable platformer overall. Bubsy 3D for the Playstation however is one of the worst platform games I have ever come across.

      As the name would imply, this time the game is in full 3D, with the player controlling bubsy from behind in much the same way as in Mario Galaxies. I was never a fan of 3D platformers of this kind, much preferring their stripped-down and simple 2D counterparts, but it's certainly a format that can work just fine if properly implemented. Unfortunately, Bubsy is let down by (among other things) some absolutely horrible controls. You can't run and turn at the same time, meaning that you're constantly having to stop dead and angle your character to the left or right before moving again. This on its own would be enough to cripple the game, but there's more to come.

      Jumping is awkward and the level design is tedious and dull. From a visual perspective it's incredibly ugly, with the 3D levels comprised entirely of untextured garish solid-colour bitmaps draped over everything, making it look like the game is not finished. Which is probably true. The game mechanics are tedious and dull, requiring you to jump from one platform to another whilst avoiding the fire of the handful of enemies that appear throughout the game, jumping on their heads to kill them. perhaps the single most annying aspect however is Bubsy himself. The character ENDLESSLY spouts cartoonish nonsense in a deeply irritating voice, and only the fact that you can thankfully turn this feature off stopped me from hurling my tv through the nearest window.

      So, to recap, godawful visuals, horrible controls, boring and derivative gameplay, and an intensely irritating main character all combine to make an absolutely terrible game. Avoid.


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