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Bust-A-Move 3 (PS)

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Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Acclaim

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2010 01:50
      Very helpful



      Best bust a move in the series

      If you love the game Tetris then you will love this latest in the Bust a move series but to be honest with you, even if you don't like that game then I think you will still enjoy this. I know I did the times I've played it. This game contains some cute characters, and great sounds and it's definately a game that can be played by the whole family time and again.

      In this game the ceiling is filled with bubbles that all stick to each other. Your mission or aim is to shoot more little bubbles into those already there and if three or more touch then they will all fall. Also if there are any others that are attached they will also fall down. I think it is quite a challenging game and there is a timer associated too. You only have a few seconds to fire your bubble and after a certain amount of time the ceiling drops a little. You have to be quick otherwise you will lose before you know it.

      The game is hard enough by not impossible, however will still give the advanced player something to think about. There is also a multi-player option which is a nice feature and enables you compete against other friends and human players by making their ceiling drop lower or their timer go quicker.

      I would say this is the best one of the bust a move series to date. It is similar to Tetris but with bubbles instead. It is also in my opinion harder than the classic arcade game. This is well worth trying out, especially if you love this sort of game. It is great fun for all.


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