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Bust a Move Millennium (GB)

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 20:00
      Very helpful




      "Bust-A-Move Millennium" is one installment in a long standing series of puzzle games of the same name, otherwise known as "Puzzle Bobble". In it, players control characters from the popular "Bubble Bobble" game released in the late 1980s, and complete against the clock within a confined area.

      Gameplay is presented as a two dimensional "side" image with the player's chosen character at the bottom of the screen, "looking up" towards the multi-coloured puzzle. The objective of this game is to create a line of three similarly coloured balls in order to remove them from play. This is done by rotating a small "shooter" which aims the ball and is released into play by pressing the "A" button. The player who completes his or her puzzle in the quickest time wins. There is also a timed element which will add additional balls to play should the player stall for too long of a period without creating any lines. It is relatively simple, almost repetitive, as far as puzzle games are, but in its simplicity comes high replay value with each progressing stage that increases in difficulty. It certainly had me as a player gripped to the handheld console. "Bust-A-Move Millennium" also features a second player option via game-link cable which could further enhance "replayability".

      Graphics make good use of a wide variety of colours though this certainly adds difficulty to the title. This colourful aspect generally keeps with the rest of the series as vibrancy and palette use has always been good regardless of the platform which it is played on. It's possible that some players may find the images too small as the Gameboy Color release seemed to want to keep with larger television screen play and resulted in an extreme downscaling of images. The images do appear "larger" than other "Bust-A-Move" games for the Gameboy console but still do appear slightly smaller than one would expect for visual clarity.

      Both the musical compositions and sound effects in this title are good, and seem to be taken from other games in this series for remastering on the Gameboy. The default setting does come across as high, though, and many players might choose to lower their sound levels.

      "Bust-A-Move Millennium" would likely satisfy any gamer's thirst for a puzzle game. I would happily recommend this title to prospective buyers.


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