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Casper - A Haunting 3D Challenge (PS)

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 18:12
      Very helpful
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      the only sense of achievement comes at the credits

      Synopsis -
      You're Casper, the friendly ghost. Dr James Harvey and his daughter Kat have just moved in to the house you haunt. Your house happens to be a huge maze, and guess what? You need to find all the parts of your fathers invention to bring you back to life!

      Gameplay -
      Repetition is the key. This game is comprised of three parts: hit the switch, drop the weight in the right spot, fit the puzzle piece.
      The game loosely fits itself to the original casper film. Extremely loosely. About 90% if your gameplay will be finding the "lazurus parts" each one guarded by one of your three ghostly uncles. This is done by collecting keys for doors and chests, using the keys, finding more keys, and hitting switches on walls. There is no more to it.
      Now, to add a bit of a twist this game introduces picture frames with the portraits missing. If you manage to find all the peices of the picture and fit them correctly you aquire a new ability. I'm not sure how, but you do. This is where the fun comes in, Casper is able to morph into many different objects allowing him to progress further around the house. Buzzsaws, bouncing balls, screwdrivers the list goes on.
      I'm not gonna sweeten it, the game is repetitive at its core, you'll spend a long time flitting between rooms you've seen a hundred times, trying to remember what was where to no avail. With no storyline development, character interaction and barely any dialogue this game really wasn't worth playing.

      Soundtrack -
      If the maze doesn't get you, the music will. This game has about 3 tracks, one for inside, one for outside, and one for boss rooms. And trust me, you will hear each on a loop until your ears fall off in protest. I can't recall the number of times i stopped playing just so i wouldn't hear the same 20 second long repetition again.

      Price -
      This game can be yours for around £5 on ebay, although due to low sales not many copys were produced and so it may be quite a hard one to find.


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