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Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord (Classic Game)

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  • AI of squads is sometimes incomprehensible
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    1 Review
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      22.08.2004 02:40
      Very helpful



      • "AI of squads is sometimes incomprehensible"

      im so surprised no-one has already done a review of this!!. I would have to say that this game may only appeal to those with an above average amount of historical knowledge. To be brutally honest the graphics are poor when compared to games such as Call Of Duty etc, but to be honest again there really isn?t a comparable game with Combat Mission. The graphics are based on 2D pictures that are positioned to pace the camera. Be warned this is not a FPS, it is a unique game based on a *you plan, I plan ? We Go* way of playing, in essence ? on one turn you may have ordered several squads of infantry to run down a road, Your enemy may have ordered an artillery strike on the same road, luck having it you and your opponent both see the consequences of your actions while not be ale to move them away, - In fact this is a very good way of demonstrating the amount of control commanders had in WW2. The Game is based of a Platoon/Company/Battalional level for its best effects. Each platoon is represented by a HQ and 3 Squads ? each of these is represented by a series of figures which your can exercise control over in the planning stages of the game, Vehicles are individually represented, Artillery is mostly controlled by a Forward observer (As usually artillery is positioned behind the front line) and aircraft come in as a separate factor which you cannot control (henceforth they may end up attacking your own troops due to misidentification) The game comes loaded with many scenarios (battles) to play lasting from 10 to 90 minutes (1 turn = 1 minutes of movie time) with the ability to create your own. Combat mission comes with hundreds of different units, each with different weapons based on the type of units and the time period and from 6 nations (UK, US, Canada, Poland, France and Germany) with each nation having different units to each other and even different unit types (i.e. German army and SS troops are wholly different) Terrain and weather
      can become critical in this game, not planning a route for your troops can leave them out in the open pinned under fire or show the vulnerable sides of your tanks to the enemy. The mechanics of the game (especially for the armour) are based on complicated armour penetration tables, for example a Tank round can have its capability reduced if it is fired against steeply sloped armour or have it improved by special tank rounds. Also there is the opportunity to play campaigns (in essence several linked battles over a period of days) in which you play with the same troops (plus reinforcements) and during which repairs may take place (i.e. of a 5 days battle you lose a tank which is ?abandoned?, in 2/3 battles (days) you may have that tank back, having had it repaired. Another winning factor to this game is to play over the internet, this can either be done direct from IP to IP or Via Play by Email (either way is simple) which gives you the added experience to join one of the many websites (one of which I shall be writing about later) and play against other humans which can make I intractably more fun to play. I must stress of this game the fact that good planning will help you to win, taking that extra 2 minutes to go the long way through some woods can end up saving the lives of your troops and bypassing the enemy?s strongest defences. Once you have mastered the basics you will find hours of fun are there to be had. I would recommend this game 110%. GET IT!!! I bought this game from amazon in 2002 i think it was the specs are something like; 3-400 MHZ 64 RAM thats all you need to run it really, no high powered graphics card Note: the price was £24 a few years ago when i bought it.


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