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Crash Bandicoot 2 - Platinum (PS)

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2012 14:42
      Very helpful



      5/5 for the hardest crash bandicoot game yet

      After completing the first crash bandicoot just last week me and my friends decided that we wanted to play all of these so we decided to buy them from the ps3 play station network we bought number 2 and 3. Again like number 1 you still have to beat Neo Cortex and his army of enemies by working your way through the levels by moving crash to defeat his turtles and penguins collect all the apples, crates and all the crystals and gems along the way. The first game was extremely hard to complete while getting all the achievements as well and I've noticed pattern that the crash games on DS are really easy so I thought this one would be, but it turns out it's so much harder than the first one.

      You start off in what looks like to me the sewers, you have a brick wall and this is a save/load wall, you just go to this when you need to use any of those options like loading your already saved file. You then have circular entrances with the level name about them and a number to say which level it is. The first level you have to do is called Turtle woods, sounds nice and easy to complete but I can tell you it is far from easy and nice. This set up is similar to those in the first island on crash bandicoot one. Only in this level you have lots of turtles with spikes around then and with leaf blades on their backs which makes them harder to kill,you also have to go through thick mud patches, weird shaped holes in the floor and the floor is really uneven with lots of holes, this makes a massive difference because if your not careful you could run over the hill and straight down a hole. On each level there are 3 things for you to collect achievement wise, one is a purple crystal to say you have completed the game, one is a coloured gem and another is a silver gem. The colour gem is hidden and you have to find it and the silver gem you get if you complete the level without dying and collect all the boxes.

      There is more variation in this game unlike the first one, there are water levels where you have to ride jet skies and avoid poolwhirls and sea mines and all sorts of crazy items and other levels and in snowy mountains ice skating over ice patches and running through the snow. There are side scrolling levels as well where you have to be careful not to run too far to the edge and much more. On each level there can be hidden passages which you go down and complete below the flood and there are trap doors with green question marks on them, these are bonus levels which you fall into which are filled with apples and lives.

      The controls have changed slightly which I don't like, x is still jump but now square is spin, after you're used to using circle to spin it is a little confusing and hard to get used to. If you press circle now it's a slide move so you can slide under metal boxes and get what ever is underneath. If you press x and then circle straight after this a jump and face plant the floor move, this will help you break crates with metal bars around them and kill enemies more effectively. I have found all the levels so far really hard to complete without dying 10 times or more one each and when you finish the first set of levels, you stand in the middle and a floating stone will move you upwards and you have another level full of levels and this happens 3 times or more.

      The music is just as cheerful on this one as the first one but a little more funkier and the graphics have improved slightly, you no longer get stuck on nothing but you cans till see your face through walls, fall down nothing and look like your stood on something but you're actually just floating there. I love this game still but it's very frustrating to complete and the more annoyed you get the faster you try to do it and die even more which makes me even angrier so if you are anything like me you might not want to play this in front of people sot hey don't see you act like a little boy like I do. The levels are certainly challenging and the new controls are annoying and hard to get use to, There are lots of boxes and apples on the levels more than the original game but bouncing on this is considerably slower for some reason and the gems are hard to get because you always die, this is a brilliant and challenging game and one I don't regret buying.


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