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Crash Bandicoot - Platinum (PS)

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2012 13:14
      Very helpful



      5/5 for one for the best games ever made

      Crash Bandicoot was one of the first games that came out when the play station 1 was first introduced back in the 90's I don't think anyone anticipated just how big Crash bandicoot would be, several games were released on the play station one such as 2 and 3, crash team racing and more along with a few games on game boy advance and also on the Nintendo DS and Crash is still a loveable character and game. The whole Crash bandicoot games revolve around beating Neo Cortex and his army of crazy enemies. Crash bandicoot has the classic side scrolling levels as well as 3D levels in both you are and control crash in order to defeat Neo Cortex you must use crash to move around the 3 islands finishing all levels which include defeating enemies, bosses, collecting crates and boxes and solve the puzzle that is the island.

      You first begin the game on N.sanity beach on the first island and of course this is the easiest level of the full game, here you will mainly get the gist of what you have to do and the controls, You hardly use any controls to do anything X is jump and O is spin and you use the D-pad to move around and these are all you need to use, the triangle button will show a drop down menu at the top of how many apples and lives you have and if you have collected any boxes so you can do a bonus level. You begin this level by having to smash crates and then defeating your first enemy which is a moving crab, you of course can jump on this or use spin but if you go into any enemies they will knock you out and you lose a life. Then through the level you have to jump over holes, defeat crabs and turtles, collect all boxes and apples available to you and go into the swirly orange light which is the end of the level. If you complete this level with perfection ( not dying at all and collecting everything available) then you will receive a gem at the end of the level and these are the achievements for the game.

      There are 3 islands in total, which is 32 levels which include 4 bosses. the first level is designed to be like a jungle with boulders fortresses and creeks. The second island is building ruins like you would find in the jungles and deserted places and the last island is mechanical and a lot of machinery. You can collect 26 colour gems and 2 keys, so on every level you complete perfect except for the boss levels you should receive either a coloured gem or a key, but here's the catch you can only unlock 3 gems on the first island until you have unlocked the coloured gems on the second island this is because on the first island there are what ps call "separate gem paths" included in each level to create an alternate ending and you cannot fully complete that level and get all the gems unless you manage to unlock the secret pathway, you know where they are and what colour gem you need to unlock it because you can see it floating where the pathway is but it's just a hollow gram you can't actually get up there yet. As the levels go on you have bigger problems, harder enemies to beat and more hidden boxes you must find to complete the level in full, there are moving floors, no sides, fires, arrows, guns, enemies, moving platforms and much more which makes if difficult to complete the levels without dying. There is a bonus level on almost every level, you must complete and collect all the boxes on these as well to complete the level with perfection.

      You can play this game if you have an original copy on a PS 1,2 and 3 which I never knew, this is really handy because it saves you either digging out a ps1 or having to go and buy one I set up an old ps1 in my room though and I'm now working my way through our massive box of old games which is keeping me busy these days. despite being able to play on a ps3 the graphics don't change at all, the graphics are brilliant for it's time but are very poor compared to today's standards, unfortunately graphics are a big deal when it comes to games because although there is a lot of artwork and effort gone into this there is a lot of glitching that goes on, you can get stuck on nothing and have to restart or you get flattened and die when something hasn't even hit you, you can land on the platform but still manage to fall down holes, you can jump to platforms but still all and die but then there are a lot of flukes as well, even if you didn't manage to get through something or fall down a hole, sometimes for no apparent reason you still survive. As for the music, it's bearable and funky, a tune that will be tuck in your head and has always been associated with crash bandicoot still today. There are sound effects of you collecting apples, smashing things and the sound of things rolling and when you're on the first island there is a lot of jungle noises because that's how it is set up.

      You can play this game over and over and over and it will never get boring, it's always just as fun as the first time you ever played this game. I am an absolute pro at the first island because what I do when I get to the second island is go back to the easy levels to collect lives ready for the harder levels so I don't have to start again. This game can be very frustrating when you're sat with 3 other people and you're all taking it in turns to do the same level because you keep dying and no one can do it, this is by far the most challenging crash bandicoot ever made, the latest one are really easy and I can complete them in an hour, last night me and 3 friends completed this game with only 3/28 achievements and it took us almost 5 hours it is that hard. We managed to save the game so we have unlocked all the levels and done all the bosses but we refuse to accept that we don't have all the achievements and haven't seen the hidden gem paths yet despite completing this game many times over. This is one of the most entertaining games I have ever played on which you can do alone or in a group of people taking turns and seeing how long it can take you.


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