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Crystalis (GB)

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 13:59
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      Good, but not great.

      "Crystalis" is a standard, run of the mill roleplaying game released to the Gameboy Color console. The immediate plot was not obvious to me when first starting the game. The only clues given to your character is that he was in a previous state of "hibernation" of sorts, and released himself from a cave. I later found out through further playing that this "slumber was disturbed to save the world from a powerful evil". This is not a particularly engaging plot and only makes for rather a standard story. Your character is set quests to prove that he is "pure of heart" before attempting to take on this evil.

      Gameplay is that of a typical handheld console roleplaying game. The player views the character from an overhead view and guides him through towns, wilderness and caves in search of various treasures while repelling evil. It is both clear and concise in what the player is meant to do at all times, giving a detailed outline of what to complete task wise. The quests themselves, though, are relatively short and simple. There is nothing truly in-depth about this roleplaying game and it is rather a quick play. I found there to be no challenge in this title. The character is granted a magical sword before starting his first quest, and this sword can be "charged" to release a mighty force of wind against any nearby enemies. It simply becomes a matter of remaining at a distance from enemies and "charging" this sword to release its elemental ability. The enemies are also somewhat slow moving; It is relatively easy to avoid encounters throughout the title. Controls are standard as far as this type of game goes, with the arrow keys controling direction, "A" interacting with environmental features (reading signs, using an item etc) and "B" to make use of the equipped weapon.

      Graphics are not particularly noteworthy in this title. The producers did make use of a wide range of colour for visual aid, but sometimes went to far-fetched lengths in implementing them (for example there are numerous purple rooftops on buildings). I found detailing to be good and was able to distinguish clearly between certain buildings and other objects.

      Audio is also acceptable with production showing good use of composition efforts, and making rather enjoyable in-game music. There is nothing particularly memorable in this department but would be good for the time in which the player makes use of this game.

      Overall, "Crystalis"is not the best of roleplaying games but would satisfy an immediate want for something of this genre. It may offer minimal replay value to those who really get involved with the game but would likely be finished after the first complete "run through".


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