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Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (GB)

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 15:21
      Very helpful



      Nearly flawless

      I love the use of the play on word in the title; "Fowl Play" features the hit Warner Brother's cartoon classic in Daffy Duck. This is a "platform" genre title and is excellent in delivery. I was not able to find many areas of true fault. The player guides Daffy through a series of levels and, as per the genre, avoid obstacles while collecting various treasures at the end of the level. Each level is split into three parts with the two being standard gameplay areas and the final being a "boss", typically another widely known and familiar Looney Tunes character.

      Gameplay on this is excellent and features a wide variety of situations for the player to engage with. These situations feature the standard "side scrolling" platform puzzles to some lesser known implementations, such as free falling horizontally while avoiding cliffs and other points of demise for Daffy. Controls are relatively commonplace in that "A" button will cause Daffy to jump and "B" uses his weapon, which seems to be an unlimited supply of dynamite. Dynamite detonation is timed with a clear countdown shown on screen. This could cause some problems for those who enjoy a faster platform title, as one must wait for the "explosion" before proceeding past the obstacle. Daffy Duck has access to numerous health resorting items throughout the game; typically including slices of pizza, loaves of bread and ice cream desserts. There is minimal challenge in this title as the player is clearly prompted to the hazards with a sound effect and flashing arrow.

      Graphics are phenomenal on this title and showed very a strong, consistent effort by the producers. Daffy's mannerisms are clearly animated throughout, featuring his typical slow saunter but also when consuming food items for health there is a clear "swallowing" effect. The numerous ways in which Daffy can perish are also well animated. If Daffy were to hold on to a stick of dynamite for too long, for example, this would result in the popular blackout-and-feathers ending which follows the television cartoons so closely. It's possible that the producers of this game could have used deeper shades of colours. I found Daffy to be lighter over the typical midnight black duck from my television screen.

      There is nothing particularly memorable about the audio in this title. I found both music and sound effects to be acceptable for their intended purpose, but was more mesmerized by the graphics that it took attention away from these true background sound effects.

      Overall, "Fowl Play" is a highly enjoyable game for anyone who enjoys the platform genre. I would particularly gear this title towards younger children as the simplicity of gameplay may be more appealing to those with lowered frustration tolerances.


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