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Deadly Skies (GB)

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 15:53
      Very helpful




      "Deadly Skies" is the European release of the previous North American blunder "Airforce Delta". Despite nearly one month to make final adjustments, or overhaul the production completely, Konami did not feel it required any further work and released without making any obvious alterations to to the game.

      As per the overseas original, players control a fighter jet of their choosing and engage enemy craft in airborne combat. There is nothing particularly special about this title and it is a very simple game. The player will be alerted as to the enemy's position by a visual aid, a flashing square surrounding the aircraft, and will turn towards this square to aim his or her machine gun to eliminate it. Each mission is timed and throughout this timer the player will continually repeat the gameplay sequence; It is a highly repetitive title indeed. The enemey positions are almost identical between each mission so once the player has completed the first mission he or she has effectively finished the game. Controls are a simple "A" button to fire an unlimited access machine gun and "B" to fire a heat-seeking missile.

      Graphics did not waver from the North American release and featured good detailing. I was able to distinguish between my personal aircraft of choices but did not notice any difference between the enemy aircraft, mostly because engaging the enemy in combat can be done from a very far distance rather easily. Detailing of the lower environment, such as buildings and trees, was also good.

      The audio in this game was poorly composed and often distorted. I found myself playing without the use of sound, and I suspect that would be similar for many other players as well.

      Like it's North American counterpart, "Deadly Skies" should be avoided. There is no variation in the simple gameplay and becomes a bore rather quickly.


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