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Divine Divinity (PS)

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Genre: Adventures & Role-playing

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2003 01:09
      Very helpful



      A unique blend of action and RPG creates the scene for a new genre of gaming. A 2D engine that supports and compliments a fantastic world of wizardry and magic, detailed to the tip it doesn’t miss a spot. Brief intro: You enter the game as an ambushed civilian knowing very little about your destiny. This character you can choose from six all having different unique powers a survivor, warrior or mage. Rescued by a healer you start the game with no possessions and one of your primary objectives is to explore. As time goes by you gain quests and sub quests where you gain experience witch enables you to gain different powers more powerful with more experience. You equip you’re character with different objects and belongings that become powerful tools in your quests. Your character becomes stronger and more experienced but encounters foes of mighty strength further into the game. Divine Divinity has features, which makes it characteristic of a well adept game. Features: - 480 skill levels: 96 skills with 5 levels each. – Skills are powers gained by the character as experience is gained. An example – SURVIVORS INSTICT, health is regenerated slowly but faster as skill level increases. - More than 100 monsters and creatures with an ingenious A.I – Monsters include axe wielding skeletons and arrow firing imps. There A.I includes luring, ambush runaway etc. - A huge world consisting of more than 20,000 screens. I’m not kidding you it takes half an hour to run across one village and some quests require you to travel to 3 or 4. Luckily you can activate teleporters. - Day and night cycles with different weather effects. – Considering its 2D it doesn’t look fake or tacky. - Group A.I – Enables you to mix tactics with allies to overcome hostiles. E.g. luring enemies into army barracks. - Appearance change when wielding different weapons and wearing different clothing. 
      211; A good touch as it looks more realistic and offers a choice to where whatever looks the best even if it doesn’t function. - Different dialogues for each character – Good as some things the male character says would be stupid if the female characters said it. - Journal – logs all conversations, explored areas, skills gained, equipment gained, maps and defeated enemies. - An exciting background plot with many strands and sub quests. – A quest example is to retrieve a magical stone from a fire-breathing dragon then bribe some rich guy to give you an armour breastplate and then find a dwarf that can combine the two to create a powerful armour piece. These are just few of many features within the game; I could be here all day explaining them all. Some of my own Personal Experiences: I noticed a few bugs within the game which meant I had to download a patch from its website www.divinedivinity.com for the game to function further than one specific point where it kept crashing. I got very addicted to the game because of the skills you could learn, I found myself spending a lot of time on the game, I guess that’s a positive aspect of the game. The game is really addictive, you find yourself starting over again and again so you didn’t miss anything. The game was very slow on my machine its system requirements require a lot. Here goes: CPU: Pentium II 450 MHz – very slow on this speed, its very frustrating. RAM: 128mb I only have 64 and it still ran. VIDEO CARD: 8mb SOUNDCARD: 100% direct sound compatible CD ROM: 4x speed or faster OS: Win 98/me/2000/xp HARD DRIVE: 2.5 gb of free disk space – This is a beast almost half of my system. As you see it requires a lot. Some parts of the game becomes very hard, e.g. the dragon riders kill you instantly if they hit you and they often do. It takes ages for my saved game to reload ag
      ain. The website for this game becomes very helpful, the forums give tips on how to complete quests which you often need. You will find an in-depth story on the events that lead up to the game it helps you to understand the game and is actually a really good story. You can find it on the game disk or on the start menu. A brief outro: According to prophecy you are the chosen one and only you will be able to save the legendary land of Rivellon from submission under the Lord of Chaos. But before you take on the fight against Evil you must be discovered and blessed as the Divine one. I don’t want to say much more as I will be revealing the secrets of the game you must experience yourself to appreciate it. I must state that there is no online features I know of for this game. Its strictly singleplayer. I dont think of this as a disadvantage, I prefer singleplayer games. I wouldn't know how the game could be adated to online play because of its game type.


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