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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (NES) (Classic Game)

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Developer: Toho / Publisher: Bandai

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2013 20:48
      Very helpful
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      a horrible game

      Dr jekyll and mr hyde has to be one of the worst games in the entire nintendo library. I have never been more frustrated playing a game before. The concept of the game is simple, but the gameplay is more difficult than anything else you've every played.

      You start the game off as being jekyll. According to the instruction manual, you are on your way to get married, but there is no in game text to tell you so. The objective of this game is to walk right and avoid a million obstacles and people trying to kill you along the way. I have no idea why all the townspeople are against you, but they are. The game gives you a cane which you can use as a weapon, but it virtually has zero use. The only thing the cane works on is bees. If you try to use the can on people, dogs, or cats, it just goes right through them and you take a hit. This is one of the worst weapons in any video game.

      When your health meter goes down from getting hit too many times, you turn into hyde. This is where the game actually starts to feel like a game. You can punch enemies, or use the psycho-wave. To use the psycho-wave you hold down and hit b which is kind of weird, but it works. The wave goes in no certain pattern, and rarely hits the enemy, causing more frustration. However, when you kill enemies with hyde, your life meter goes up and. When you kill enough, you turn bac

      k to jekyll and can continue.

      When you play as jekyll, everything hits you, no matter what. The bombs are the worst by far. No matter how far you are away from their explosion, they will hit you, and cause quite a bit of damage. There have been times where a bomb took my entire life bar in one shot.

      overall, this game is miserable and should only be played to see how miserable it really is. It's funny to see how bad a game can really be, and how much anger it can cause.


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