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Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors (GBA)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Atari / Genre: Action / Genre: Family & Entertainment

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2009 00:13
      Very helpful



      Thumbs up

      "Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors" is a video game released for the Gameboy Advance console in 2004 by Atari. It is the second in "DBZ" fighting titles and follows on from the previous Taiketsu. In the United States, the game received a rating of "T" by the ESRB panel which deemed it suitable for teenage years and above due to its violent content.

      Taiketsu was a very basic and poorly received fighting title. When first picking up Supersonic Warriors I had similar expectations but was pleasantly surprised with what I observed. Immediately the player is greeted with numerous gameplay modes including story, z-battle (standard exhibition), challenge (endurance style competition), training and a versus mode for use of an optional game link cable to add a physical opponent. An interesting implement of this game is the points system. For each single player battle won, the player accumulates a set amount of points and these can be exchanged to unlock different costumes and gameplay options at the player's discretion. Fights themselves are standard as far as a fighting release is. The objective is to drain the opponent's life metre and, unlike Taiketsu, the opponents put up a struggle. The controls are somewhat awkward at first as both "A" and "B" buttons release high and low attacks, and these buttons also allow for blocking. During an opponent's attack there is a short time space in which the player can press either button and this will block the incoming attack. This does present some learning curve initially but can prove itself to be quite functional in combat. The up arrow also sends the character into fight as opposed to a standard up and down jump. While in flight the characters can effectively hover around one another and this retains typical "DBZ" fight scenes seen in the animated television series.

      The graphics are presented from a side perspective which focuses on the centre of the battle. The characters are particularly well drawn and feature their standard attire as seen on the television series, though others can be unlocked by exchanging the required amount of points generated in battle. The background scenes are also good and bear resemblance to locations seen in the animated series. The soundtrack is also of a good standard though the musical scores and sound effects are generic, carrying on from the previously Taiketsu title. An additional implement included, though, was voice snippets that accompany certain special attacks and these are taken directly from the television series.

      Overall, I would recommend Supersonic Warriors to prospective buyers. It is one of the better fighting titles for the Gameboy Advance and remains an enjoyable play by use of the multiplayer option.


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      14.04.2005 19:32
      Very helpful
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      This is a review of one of the newest DragonBall Z Games that is on the Gameboy Advance (GBA). This game is called DragonBall Z Supersonic Warriors. Supersonic Warriors is similar to the games DragonBall Z Budokai 1, 2 and 3. But in some ways this game is better, with all the things that you would not get on a Budokai game.

      The story is based on the DragonBall Z TV series, but sometimes it is based in a different dimension, depending which characters you are. There are many different characters for you to play with, and each character has their own storyline.

      Some of the characters like Goku, will follow through the TV series of DragonBall Z, then there are other characters like Piccolo which will start off following the TV series, then you will find out that you are in a different dimension. But each story line is awesome, and is great fun.

      Every time you complete a characters storyline, you are awarded 150 or 300 points (depending on how well you did). I will tell you later in the review what the points do. You will want to keep doing different story lines to really appreciate this game, as you will find the stories so gripping, you won't want to stop.

      How is this different to DragonBall Z Budokai games you say? Well there are many reasons, but I will tell you more about it further in the review.

      New Features
      This game holds many things that are different to the Playstation 2 DragonBall Z games. One thing, you can go airborne at any time during battle. You can do 2 on 2 battling, also you get points, which is different to the Budokai games.

      When you get points, you use them to unlock different level of characters, or unlock new characters, or enable them to play in story mode. There are 3 levels of characters, each level they may look different or be stronger and tougher.

      The feature of allowing you to go airborne at any time is very good, as then you can just push up, and you will start to fly in the air, very useful at times.

      The main thing about this game is the battles, which are fantastic. You will be able to punch and kick your opponent, or fire energy attacks at them. There are three different energy attacks you can perform. You can fire the small energy balls, or you can fire a bigger energy ball, or do your special attack, aka Karmehameha or Finish Buster. The more powerful the attack is, the more of your Ki (energy) you will loose. You will be able to power up in this game, but if you don't have the time, then you get your Ki back also by attacking the enemy.

      There are five modes of gameplay, there is Story Mode, Z Mode and Free Mode, Challenge Mode and Training Mode. Story Mode, you will pick a character and do their story, and get 150 - 300 points at the end at completion. Z Mode is you battling through loads of enemies, and once you have won them all, you will get 150 points for doing 1 on 1, or 300 points for doing 2 on 2. Then there is Free Mode, which is just you doing one battle of your choice, with whatever characters you want, then challenge mode, which is you doing challenges, and training mode, which allows you to train with your character and become the strongest warrior of all.

      This game was very playable, I had lots of fun playing this game, keep you occupied, and have loads of things for you too do. Go through each story and know everything about DragonBall Z and their characters. I found this game very entertaining, and if you are a DragonBall Z fan, I'm sure you will too.

      This game is addictive, once you have gotten into a story, you will not want to stop till you have done it, then you will end up doing another story, then another, very addictive.

      This game is original, it is the first DragonBall Z game where you are able to do fast pace battling and going into the air at any time. The original features makes this game much more better then it would with just being like DragonBall Z Budokai, but just on the Gameboy Advance.

      This games graphics is not particularly brilliant, as it is on a 32bit console. Also with all the fast paced action, it does sometimes get a bit blurry at times, but I liked the game for what it is, and plus it is not bad graphics, and it is a good game all the same.

      The music in this game is made up, none of it is any the Series, or other games, which makes this game even more original, also the songs do set the mood of the game. The language is in English, there is no voices, it is all typed out. So you read what they say instead of hear it. The sound effects in the game is also very good, you will hear all the punches, the power attacks and all them things, which makes this game really good.

      The game is not too difficult, but if you are not fast or not too good at fighting games, you will find this game pretty difficult, but it is a good game to get use to, and easy to get use to battling.

      This game is around £30, which is pretty good value, but you will find it cheaper, or be able to find other things for it, the game is good for £30, and is worth purchasing. This game is worth purchasing for your DragonBall Z collection :D. I give this game 4 star * * * *, as it is not the best game I have ever played, yet it is extremely close to being 5 star.

      Well, it has been a while since I have done a review, so I hope that this review is useful to you, and might make you think to buy this game in the future.


      A different DragonBall Z Game
      A cool fighting game


      Got brilliant graphics
      Same as DragonBall Z Budokai


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