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Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku II (GBA)

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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      LoG2 is a major step up from the previous game and this is actually worth your time.

      After the disaster of a game that was Legacy of Goku, it seems like Atari decided they'd actually put effort into the sequel and believe me, Legacy of Goku II is lightyears beyond its predecessor in every aspect. If you're a DBZ fan, this game will definitely satisfy you.

      Legacy of Goku II continues where the first game left off, after the defeat of Freeza at the hands of super saiyan Goku. The main focus of the game is the Cell Saga so you'll be battling the evil androids but there are also other enemies like Cooler who you can find in side quests. In the first game, you had maybe 3 total hours of gameplay, in this, you'll probably be busy for around 20 hours or so.

      You're actually allowed to play as different characters in this game and specific characters are needed in certain missions as well. So rather than just being Goku, you can also choose from Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan and Hercule. Everyone's got their own unique skills which gives you more incentive to play as them. Stages and enemies are much more diverse in this game as well. It takes much better advantage of GBA's capabilities - more vibrant colors, better character sprites, expansive, detailed environments, better sound and familiar music from the TV series, and so on. There are many destinations to roam about and you can go anywhere freely as you can now fly around the world map. There's even the ability to check other characters data for a brief bio on them or their stats if they're an enemy.

      In terms of the battle system, its still action-RPG but revamped. The stats are more reasonable now and as you level up your growth is random for each stat. This can be a flaw because your characters can develop very poorly and struggle in the stages - but fortunately there are save points available throughout the game so you can easily save, level up, and if you're not satisfied with the stat growth, simply reset and try again. Each character has the basic physical attack but also numerous ki attack options and a stronger physical strike to choose from as well. You can transform into a super saiyan, however it drains you of ki energy if you remain in that form but it significantly boosts your stats like the damage you deal and how fast your character moves. You're able to carry much more items in this game and the inventory is well categorized and easy to sort through.

      The story follows very closely with the anime series unlike the first game which was loaded with inaccuracies. There are also plenty of side-quests to give you more to do as well such as collecting the dragon balls, rare items, and more.

      Considering its now worth just a couple of dollars, if you're a DBZ fan, I think its definitely something you should consider playing because you'll enjoy it. This game just has so much more character interaction, freedom and is much more solid than the first game although I think its one negative is that it can be a bit too easy at times.


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      04.02.2006 23:20
      Very helpful



      the sequel to the legacy of goku

      This is called DragonBall Z the Legacy of Goku 2. I hope this review is useful to you, and has everything about the game that is needed for you to decide if to purchase this game or not.

      DragonBall Z Legacy of Goku 2 is for the Gameboy advance, it is the sequel to Legacy of Goku (check out my Legacy of Goku review if you want to know what it’s about). The game continues from that game, it goes through the next few sagas. If you are not familiar with DragonBall Z, then I recommend you buy the original Legacy of Goku first, before you get this one, even though this game is much better then its prequel.

      In this game you are able to level up, you can level up by getting experience by fighting enemies, when you level up you get an increase in your health, magic points, flying / swimming energy, defence, and also some other things, which makes you a better fighter in the game, and also makes the game easier. So it is best to train. This games controls are the same as the prequels, check out my DragonBall Z Legacy Of Goku review to see what the controls are.

      DragonBall Z Legacy of Goku 2 starts off with the feature DragonBall Z History Of Trunks. You will be controlling Trunks, whom is the son of the prince of all saiyans called Vegeta. Trunks is 13 years old when you start off with him, you will also be accompanied by Gohan, the son of the legendary Goku. As this part of the game is set in the future, Goku has already died from a heart virus. Trunks is being taught how to become a super saiyan by Gohan, so then he can too help Gohan fight the evil Androids (the bad guys at this point).

      The final battle is coming up, but Trunks is not ready, but still he wants to help Gohan. Gohan agrees to him, that he can help, and then when Trunks walks past Gohan, he knocks Trunks out, and then flies off to face them alone. As Gohan has only got one arm, which he lost his other arm in a previous battle. Gohan fights bravely, but dies fighting (you don’t see him fight them in the game, but you do in the feature film History Of Trunks). You then go around as Trunks, in search for Gohan, you find him dead on the floor in a near by town.

      Trunks then screams out in rage and becomes Super Saiyan. Then this is when the game kicks into action, you are no longer Trunks anymore, you go back to the past to save Goku. But you now control young Gohan. You are fighting in the Android Saga. I don’t know why they don’t use the Garlic JR saga, mustn’t be that popular.

      There are many fights you must endure within this game, quite epic really. As Gohan, you will have to fight Freeza, which you do in a dream, as little Gohan is doing his studies for School, even though he does not go to a school, but they try to get him in one. Gohan dreams that his father has come back from Planet Namek as it got destroyed by Freeza, he sees Goku, and he runs over to him thinking its him, then it turns into Freeza, and Gohan gets all freaked out, you end up having to fight Freeza in your dreams, that’s just cool!

      Better not talk about the story anymore, might be letting out too much of the story. But there is loads more to the game that is just the opening to the game. The story does get really good when you get further into the game. You get to be 4 people in this game, you get to be Gohan, Trunks, Goku and Vegeta, and they are all sweet characters.

      The game is only 1 player like its prequel. This game is also an RPG game, so get your thinking hat on, it my need some strategy to it. This game also has all the experience, and level up’s in this like its prequel. It is easier at the start when you want to level up, you want to get to a really high level as soon as you can, and so then the game will not be that hard for you. There are loads of bosses you will have to fight, and will need a lot of experience to beat them easily. You still get senzu beans that heal your health points and magic points. You are still able to fly and swim for so long, then you will need to regenerate you flying / swimming energy, which you can do by picking up certain icons on the ground.

      There are other items you will be able to find on the ground when you are roaming around to find enemies to fight, or to fight bosses. They can all do different things increase your strength for a certain time, same with defence and that. Or possibly to heal some of your health, like an herb, or some other things. There is a variety of things you can get, but probably the best item is the senzu bean, as it restores your health and magic points, and you flying / swimming energy.

      Each character in this game has their own unique techniques, like Goku has his Kamehameha wave, which is a really powerful energy blast that cannot be deflected by anyone. Gohan has his Masenko Blast, which fires a powerful energy blast or energy ball at the enemy. Vegeta has Garlic Cannon and Final Flash, which are very powerful, Garlic cannon is his energy wave he fires, and Final Flash is his finishing move. Trunks also has very powerful attacks, which is good. Each character are unique in some way or another.

      The game is in 2D, and not in 3D, which can be a disadvantage to this game to some people, but you have got to think, that it is a Gameboy Advance, it has a 32bit processor, which can only allow it to do certain things, so don’t down this game because it is in 2D. Even though if it was in 3D, I would think it would be crapper, as it would not be the same.

      The game is very playable, it is very enjoyable, keeps you playing for ages, the characters, and the storyline is really epic, and follows from the TV series, which makes the game really good. I really think this game is really playable, I play it for ages, and don’t get bored. It is one of the best Gameboy Advance games that I have played in ages.

      The game is very addictive, everything about the game just attracts you more too it, unless you are not a fan of RPG’s or DragonBall Z, then you might not like this game, but if you don’t like it, and interested in starting to like it, then these are the games you might want to start with. This one and its prequel. The game is original, it follows through with the TV series, but has its own storylines in some places, that they have made up to make the game better. Very original!

      The games graphics are excellent, unless you are comparing them to the playstation 2’s graphics, or the XBOX’s, then this games graphics may disappoint you, but as it is only 32bit, it has pretty good graphics. Think of the original Playastation graphics that was 32bit, this game has very good graphics for the capabilities that it can do.

      The background music to the game is awesome, has the original soundtrack from the DragonBall Z TV series, which makes the game so good, also it has some that they have made up, like in the prequel to this game, and just makes the game really good.

      There is no voices in this game, as it is only 32bit, which does not allow voices to be in the game. It is all done in typing form, where when you are talking to someone on there, you will see a picture of the person who’s talking, then beside that picture you will see the message that they are saying, so you know whose talking and what they are saying.

      The sound effects in this game is great, you get all the punching noises, and when you are fighting someone you get the noises of being hit, and the energy waves being powered up, all good sound effects. You here the screaming of people when they are powering up their energy to make them more powerful in combat, really good.

      The game is quite difficult at start, when you don’t have much experience, and you have to fight Freeza, there is not much time to train, but you can still train there, as there will be something’s you can get to increase your level, by fighting. When you start to train more, the game will seam easier, as you will be able to defeat the enemies much easier then you would if you were at a lower level.

      The game is excellent value for money, it costs around £20 now, and that is really good value for a game that is really good. It might be cheaper in some shops, or some websites, but the average price is around £20. It will be cheaper if you can find it pre-owned, which can be better, depending if the game is in good quality. Highly recommended.

      I thought this game was brilliant, not the best DragonBall Z game that I have played, but is certainly up there with them. I give this game 4 star * * * *, because the graphics are great, the storyline is superb, and everything about the game is just great. I recommend this to any RPG or DragonBall Z fan, I recommend this to anyone also, but it might be best for people over 8, as then they will know what they are doing.

      Thanks For Reading


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