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Dragon Wings (GB)

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2009 16:54
      Very helpful



      Perhaps a good title for children

      "Dragon Tales - Dragon Wings" is a children's title based on the animated television series of the same name. In this game, players take control of a dragon who has yet to learn how to fly and guide him on various training exercises before embarking across 15 stages of gameplay to put this newfound knowledge into practice.

      In keeping with the target market of children, gameplay in "Dragon Wings" is relatively simple. The player will read through strands of text prior to gameplay, but these almost seem to be an unnecessary implement as the player will also be guided by numerous on-screen cues pointing to a certain objective the player is meant to complete. These objectives include moving rocks and transporting young children across the fantasy island. One thing I found good about this title is the ability to freely roam "in the air"; the dragon does not "walk" across a linear path but has free access to any direction that isn't restricted by an environmental feature or otherwise. Controls are simply arrows guiding movement and "A" utilizing a specific objective such as picking up a rock.

      Graphics are well detailed and feature numerous effects to engage a child's mind. I particularly liked the "stardust" effect which trails the dragon as he flies through the air. The title makes good use of the available "Color" technology which the console possesses and, for a fantasy title, kept with appropriate implements (for example green grass).

      The audio in this title is less than engaging but could be perceived as appropriate. The musical compositions were light, higher in pitch and loud which could be seen as amusing by a younger child. It's perhaps noteworthy that there is only one music track that follows the player through the game and this seems to be only ten seconds of actual composition before repeating. Sound effects too are somewhat repetitive but did not bear any real use in the game but to accent the collecting of items or children, for examples.

      Overall, "Dragon Tales - Dragon Wings" meets the intended market of children well but is somewhat of a short title due to there only being 15 stages to complete. I would think that this game could perhaps offer some replay value to children but I as an adult wouldn't find myself picking it up again.


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