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Dragonball Z Legacy Of Goku 3 (GBA)

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      07.10.2009 19:17
      Very helpful



      Buu's Fury is more of a fan service than anything else.

      Buu's Fury is the conclusion to the Legacy of Goku series for GBA which finishes off the Z series with the Buu Saga. You start out as Goku in the other world with King Kai preparing for the big tournament up there then control Gohan in the Saiyaman Saga - so it doesn't really skip on any action from the anime series. Players will find several new, more interactive features however in terms of difficulty, you won't experience much of a challenge in this game. I mean, you'd actually have to put effort into trying to lose. I doubt that's going to deter you from enjoying it though if you're a DBZ fanatic like myself.

      Buu's Fury introduces more RPG elements, now giving you access to either finding items like a boots, martial arts gi's and other items and equipping them to your character for added effects - boosted stats or to earn more experience for instance. By defeating opponents, you can sometimes find items or just shop around in stores in various cities for items. Enemies often times drop zenie, the currency in the game, which you can accumulate to purchase equipment or curative items. In terms of curative items you have much more at your disposal in this game. The previous games were very limited with how many items you had and how much of each you had but in Buu's Fury you can stash away tons of items that restore HP or Ki - another reason why the game is incredible easy, but then again, the characters get so powerful in a short time that items are almost unnecessary.

      Enemies give so much experience that your character easily levels up quickly. You earn 3 stat points per level which you must manually allocate to the 3 stats available. HP and Energy raise on their own and you control strength, power and endurance.

      New creative skills have been added. For instance, in the beginning of the game as Goku, during the tutorial phase, you're given the opportunity to use instant transmission to obtain an item that is impossible to reach normally. By using the technique, you freely decide where you'd like to transport the character to and it can also be used in battle to strike several opponents.

      The Buu Saga introduced fusions - so while you'll be able to control characters like Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, & Gohan, you can also fuse Goten and Trunks for instance to make Gotenks or Goku & Vegeta to create Vegito or Gogeta. Fusion can be performed by executing a series of commands/buttons - if you do it correctly, the fusion is a success.

      You can freely roam about like in Legacy of Goku II and they even threw in a block function - although it wasn't needed in the previous games so this just seems like a useless feature now. They even throw in Broly and Janemba as part of the storyline but only advance the game by a few minutes at best.

      If you're a DBZ fan, you'll love this game. I've been playing DBZ games for years now and while its pretty much the same thing being recycled over and over with fancier graphics or something, I'm still into it - however the lack of challenge might turn off older players. Also in total you'll probably play for 12 hours or so if you want to complete everything. Later on the game was re-released as a 2 in 1 with Dragon Ball GT Transformation, a GBA game about the GT series but I don't really consider it a bargain since Transformation was a pitiful game. Buu's Fury is going for a little under $10 now, so if you still enjoy GBA games or have a DS or DS Lite, it might be a fun game to pass the time while you wait for the next new DBZ game that's inevitable!


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        03.07.2006 18:59
        Very helpful



        The 3rd installment to the Dragonball z series on the GBA!

        This is a review of DragonBall Z the Legacy of Goku 3, the 3rd in the current series of the legacy and the final one. This time you end up completing Goku's tale and saving the earth once and for all.

        What's New?
        You get to play from the Afterlife saga onwards, and you get to train in the other world a lot, and get some great experience. You are able to play as more then one character for a change. You get to be Goku and more of the other z fighters that complete this epic tale.

        New bad guys to face, new moves including instant transmission, proper kamehameha beams, and other ones to unlock later in the game. New scenarios for you to roam around and have fun with, new allies and a lot more new techniques and transformations for you to learn.

        You start off on snake way, snake way is this long road that floats in the air when you are dead in another dimension, which is in the shape of a snake, and you need to go across it to get to north Kai's planet. But at the beginning you are heading to Yami, whom is the keeper of the dead. You end up having to go to the other world and train there and fight the other world tournament to prove that you are worthy of the training of the Grand Kai himself. But first you will have to test your might and show off that you are a brilliant fighter to the other people on the Grand Kai planet.

        As in this game you start at a nice level of level 60, which makes you better then them, so you should be able to eliminate them pretty easily. You will need to test yourself against many worthy adversaries in this game, and become the strongest and take on the might pink blob called Buu, the worst threat that the planet Earth, or even the universe has ever had. Buu is the evil scum that have been summoned back to life by an evil being called Babadi, whom wants to fulfil his fathers ambition and rid control the universe with the help of Buu. That is pretty much the basic story of the game, so if any of that makes you want to play this game, then by well play it.

        Punch - A
        Energy Blast - B
        Switch Energy Attack - R
        Move Around - Directional Buttons

        Casual Questions
        Here are will answer some questions that will probably occur.

        I like the sound of this game, but where do I purchase this?
        Shamefully this game is not yet out in the UK, but you can buy it from America, for a cheapish price, but it will hopefully be coming out in the UK soon.

        Ok, so I know I am unable to get it at the moment, but is there any way of me playing it?
        Well you can get a ROM of it which allows you to play so much of the game, before it tells you it can't continue mainly because the emulator and ROM do not allow it, but if you really want to try it, then do that.

        How do I level up in this game?
        You can level up by fighting enemies for experience, depending on how hard the enemies are is depending on the experience you receive from defeating the foe.

        How will I know when I change characters in the game?
        You will know when the time comes.

        Is this game just on the Gameboy Advance or on other consoles also?
        This game is just on the GBA I'm afraid, but it still worth getting.

        If there are any of questions you want to be answered, let me know in a comment, and I'll gladly add the answer to this review along with the question and the user that asked.

        This game is very enjoyable, and I did have great fun going through this brilliant game, and defeating the might Buu. All DragonBall Z fans out there will love this game and probably agree it is one of the best DragonBall Z games around. The game is very addictive, you can train for hours and still not get board, and still want to even playing more. The story will keep hold of you for ages and on end, and once completed, you will want to do it all over again.

        The game is pretty original; it is based on the TV series Afterlife saga onwards, and has some new enemies, and new basic fighters to fight, and even things that never happen in the TV series. The graphics is fairly good considering it is on the GBA, which means everything is going to be really small and tiny, which makes the games graphics seam really good.

        The music to this game is pretty much what you would expect, some decent fighting music with funny tunes to make it all a good game. The sound effects in this game are good, with the footsteps, the thumping and the all sorts of sound effects you normally get, really good.

        At the start of the game, it is fairly easy, and a really good time to do some major training, when you fight these first set of fighters on the Grand Kai planet, which you need to fight to show your skills, and if you keep fighting them, you can get some major experience, plus you need to train to a higher level so you can get past the next part. When you get later in the game, it does get surprisingly hard quite quick, so be prepared, and train a lot in the easy areas.

        This game is great value if you are able to find it, as I said earlier I don't think it is out in the UK, but I found it quite cheap somewhere at a boot fair, so you never know when you might find it, if you do, and you are a true DragonBall Z fan, then it will be a good time to get it as you might not find it again.

        I give this game 5 star * * * * *, as it is by far one of the best DragonBall Z games I have played in ages, and I really enjoyed playing it, and I recommend it to all the DragonBall Z fans out there, also to RPG fans and people whom are fans of games in general, and all of you really. This game is great fun for everyone, and is worth a purchase by any gamer.

        THIS GAME IS

        A good RPG / Fighting Game
        Great Value If You Can Find It


        Easy To Find
        The Same As The Other Legacy Of Goku's

        Thanks for reading, and sorry again for the big(ish) gap between reviews, starting to loose inspiration again, but I will try to keep up with the reviews.


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