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ECW - Hardcore Revolution (GB)

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2009 18:49
      Very helpful




      "ECW - Hardcore Revolution" is based on the now defunct "Extreme Championship Wrestling" promotion which gained popularity in the mid 1990s. The roster and features showcased in this title are of "Paul Heyman's ECW" which is more widely regarded as the original ECW over the current presentation by World Wrestling Entertainment.

      "Hardcore Revolution" offers numerous gameplay modes to the player, ranging from "career mode" where one chooses a wrestler to complete against the rest of the roster in numerous singles matches or to single matches with gimmicks such as the "barb wire match". Prior to each match the player will choose a wrestler and opponent of their preference and the mode in which they want to play. It then becomes a battle to the finish, with "A" and "B" both making use of a strike but when both of these buttons are held will tie up and grapple with the other wrestler. Players must pummel their opponent's health metre into a lowered "red" zone where they can finally attempt a pinfall victory.

      Graphics are very poor in this game and suggest little by the way of detailing. Being a wrestling fan, which is likely who would be targeted by this title, I could not differentiate between the various names in this game. It seems rather unnecessary that one should choose their favourite star as all appear reasonably the same on screen and offer the same attack functions. It is presented in a 2D side view which seemed something of a classic Nintendo game.

      Audio was also poor and featured a screeching musical composition throughout each match. The same "puff" like sound is also played each time a player or opponent makes contact with one another through any means, be it a simple punch or a body slam to the mat. It's likely that producers in this department could have given further attention to this poor accenting.

      It's unfortunate that the merchandising deals, including this video game, contributed to ECW's eventual bankruptcy and takeover by rival promoter Vince McMahon. This Gameboy Color title is likely something which could have been excellent but came across as a "botch job" and failed to impress.


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