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Evel Knievel (GB)

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2009 20:44
      Very helpful



      May appeal to some and not to others

      "Evel Knievel" is a side-scrolling action game featuring the professional motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel. In this game, players guide Knievel through sections of rough terrain while "jumping" through hoops and other objects which the entertainer was known to do throughout his career.

      Gameplay provides mediocre enjoyment throughout. There are numerous locations in which Knievel performs his craft, and each of these features a different course to complete. Players are able to make minor modifications to the motorcycle prior to engaging in play, and these alterations include increasing and decreasing the speed, suspension and braking strength. While this does create an in-depth game it does create somewhat of a steep learning curve. During gameplay the player is required to complete the designated course which features numerous inclines and steep drops. One must be careful, though, as landing the motorcycle upside down, effectively Knievel's head, will fail the mission and incur one loss of bikes (sort of a "life" system seen in other action/platform titles). Controls are done standardly with "A" accelerating the bike and "B" causing it to flip or turn 180 degrees. This flipping may be necessary to guide Knievel through safer paths rather than risking damage.

      Graphics are acceptable and make good use of a wider palette. This seems to accent the Gameboy Color console well and provides the player with some visual enjoyment. Environmental features are sharp and didn't show much flaw besides the background images which could have used additional effort in rendering. The on-screen character too could have benefit from additional detailing work as there was little by the way of distinguishable bodily features.

      Audio was acceptable for handheld play and featured numerous musical compositions to accompany the player on each level. I didn't find these necessary but did seem to keep with a traditional Knievel performance. There is not many sound effects to go with this title, with the only audible effect being a slight "huff" to suggest motorcycle acceleration.

      "Evel Knievel" is perhaps a title which those interested in "extreme sports" titles could enjoy. There are numerous stages to compete on which could provide many hours of in-game play. I personally found this to only be acceptable in shorter bursts.


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