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F1 Championship Season 2000 (GB)

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A driving game developed by Tiertex Design Studios and published by EA Sports. After choosing a driver and deciding on one of the game's three gameplay modes (championship GP weekend and quick-race) it's on to the track. Twenty-three F1 luminaries inc.

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2009 20:15



      Recommended for fans of racing titles

      "F1 Championship Season 2000" is a racing game released to the Gameboy Color console. In it, players choose from a wide variety of worldly race circuits and attempt to complete the course in the fastest possible time. There did not appear to be any noticeable storyline surrounding this game; it is just a matter of winning races.

      Gameplay is presented from an overhead "trailing" camera which shows the rear of the player's vehicle and the track before him or her. In comparison to other racing titles, there is minimal customization given to the player prior to play. The only feature which the player is able to control is the thickness of his or her tyre treads which suits various weather conditions, such as rain tyres for rainy conditions. Controls are a standard arrows guiding movement, "A" accelerating and "B" braking the race car. There is some challenge offered in this title through the requirement of keeping a suitable level of fuel and taking care as to not "spin out" on harder bends.

      Graphics are quite pseudo 3D in presentation and made for a visually pleasing experience. It could perhaps be said that colour could have been further implemented into this title, but what is there is of an acceptable standard to receive the "Color" brand. I also found detailing to be somewhat poor but could distinguish clearly between the various ports of the formula one vehicle and its surrounding environment with ease.

      There is little to review by the way of audio in this game. Gameplay is not plagued by poor musical compositions, which makes for a good change of pace in racing titles, opting rather to only feature a slight "buzzing" noise to suggest the car's acceleration. Standard as far as a racing game on a handheld console would come across.

      "F1 Championship Season 2000" is perhaps one of the better racing games released for the Gameboy Color console. The element of requiring fuel keeps gameplay fresh and somewhat challenging.


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