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Final Doom (PS)

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    3 Reviews
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      13.04.2011 00:35
      Very helpful



      The follow-up to Doom on PSone!

      Final Doom was the second title in the Doom franchise to be released on Sony Playstation after becoming a phenomenal success on the P.C......

      But those expecting a similar experience to that they had played on their home computer were likely to be disappointed because, just as Final Doom would not be the last we would se from I.D's smash-hit first-person shooter, so it was that many of the harder levels were removed for the Console version of the game and other levels were scrapped because the technology of the PSone simply wouldn't have been able to cope!

      If your only experience of Doom was on Sony's PS console however, you were just as likely to be thrilled. Final Doom offered more of the same as before from the hackneyed plot about demons crossing interspace/dimensional rifts to invade Earth to the standard array of weapons that included chainsaws, shotguns, plasma rifles and, of course, the infamous BFG!

      Enemies were given a slight intelligence upgrade and you could expect more waiting for you in each new room you opened than in the previous installment, but there were no new faces to add to the roster unfortunately. Likewise, weapons and ammo were in slightly less supply but there were no new toys to play with. It seemed I.D were sticking to the rule of not trying to fix that which wasn't broke in the first place! And there is nothing wrong with that I might add!!

      It is just that, after the initial thrill of being back in the Doom saddle once more, I ws just left feeling as though I wanted a bit more. Not much....just a .......well, a bit!!

      I would have liked to see a couple of new bosses, though it is hard to imagine anything COULD be tougher than those minotaurs with twin rocket launchers that appear in both console installments. I also would have liked a bit more of a challenge. But still, even now, Doom remains one of the all time classic games of my generation and to get more levels to play is, and was then too, a real bonus!

      With the news that a new version of Doom is on the cards for the Xbox 360, I have recently started playing this and the original again. Is this sequel perfect? Not by any means! But it does add more playing time to Doom so it can't be all bad!

      And if you don't have the original game, you still don't need to worry.

      Like the recent add-ons to GTA IV, this is played entirely seperate from the original and, as a classic, can be picked up right now for a snap!

      So what are you waiting for? There's more demons to frak and they all have your name imprinted on their claws.....


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      22.05.2009 15:41



      fun to play

      Although this game is title Final Doom it isn't actually the final Doom game to be created. Maybe at this point in time they had decided to make this the final Doom but since Doom 3 came out that has kinda gone out of the window.

      Final Doom sees you, the hero, back in the depths of hell. Crazed and armed with a chainsaw you must battle your way through the levels ripping the endless array of monsters to pieces with nothing more than a chainsaw! Nah, only kidding but you do get a chainsaw in the game.

      You have an array of weapons to find through the levels including a shotgun, rocket launcher and BFG.

      You will find that it isn't so easy to just run through the levels. There are secret areas, some of which you must find to progress as they hold different coloured keys for the various doors throughout the levels.

      I have to say some of the levels in this game are a lot bigger than previous versions of Doom. I love this, you get to really kick some back behind.

      Still, you can't really do anything except move, shoot and strafe.


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      29.08.2008 18:54
      1 Comment



      Yet more Doom

      Yep, its the playstation version.

      With the playstation hand controllers it makes for pretty easy game playing once you get used to where all the buttons are.
      Its got a pretty stupid title now we all know Doom 3 & its expansion pack have been released.

      We never thought this would be the last of Doom, we didn't really believe ID software when they told us this would be the FINAL Doom. Why kill off a successful franchise when you can make more of it and as it turns out they would when they had a decent game engine for it.

      Its more of the same basically, a marine versus a ton of monsters intent on killing you. Use the weapons you find to kill them. Fight through levels, reach the end and get a pat on the head for doing a good job of ridding the Universe of a bunch of nasties.

      It doesn't look that much different from Doom or Doom 2, the graphics, gameplay & monsters are all the same. Its just a slightly different story & set of objectives but not THAT different (ID, they struggle to be creative in games like this!).


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