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Final Fantasy: Origins (PS)

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2011 18:04
      Very helpful



      Two great games for their time included in one case

      When I first started gaming, I knew straight away that I was going to be a fan of the RPG genre. I'd only played a couple of games but as I began to learn more and more about the hobby and the games out there, I came across a series which I would suppose most people would call the Holy Grail of RPGs and that series is Final Fantasy.

      After hearing so much about the series, instead of starting with the most recent game, I decided to go back to where it all began and so bought Final Fantasy: Origins. This includes both the first and second on two separate disks.

      I'll review the two games in separate paragraphs to give you a better idea of what's in which.

      Final Fantasy 1:

      Plot: Only a vague plot to be found. Basically a fight between good and evil but there's so much dungeon crawling in between each stage that it's quite easy to forget what's happening.

      The main grab of the game is like with most RPGs where you have to kill stuff to level, receive money and obtain loot. The higher in level you get the better chance you have of taking on harder monsters that drops something even better. It's a case of keep repeating going through the games dungeons until your ready to take on the games end boss.

      Graphics: They are in the style of a GBA game so quite dated but I find that style quite enjoyable still. There are some CGI (computer-generated imagery) included in certain moments of the game which are still quite impressive in this day and age but they are a rare thing.

      Controls: I actually played it on the PS2 so the whole of the controller wasn't put to its best use however the commands were very easy to get to grips with. X for selections, triangle to bring up the menu, O to back out of your selection and the arrow keys to move. These buttons are the only thing you need to know to play the game.

      I've just finished the first one and I loved every minute of it. Yes it can be a bit punishing at time with the whole save system but it makes you think more about reserving your characters in a fight rather then just going in all guns blazing.

      Lifespan: Took me around the 30 hour mark to complete but that was including getting all the treasure in game as well doing all the quests and side quests. If you only wanted to do the bare minimum then I reckon it could possibly be got down to 20 hours.

      Overall: It was a great game for its time and still can be enjoyed even now. Even though some bits could be improved like the plot and repetitive nature of the game, it's these faults that give the game the charm it has. It you want to know where such a great series began then I would really recommend this.

      Final Fantasy 2:

      Plot: Unlike the first game, this one actually has a plot. Can't really say much without giving too much away but it's an enjoyable game to play through with twists, happiness and sadness throughout. True it may not hold up very well against more modern titles but for its time I could see it being near the top.

      Have to add that it's a little slow to start with as I spent my first ten hours or so pretty much grinding (killing monsters over and over again) simply for gold to purchase spells and gear but once that's been done, your free to work your way through the game without any more interruptions.

      Graphics: The same as the first but with a few improvements. The characters were a little clearer, the environment more detailed and the cut scenes were prettier too.

      Controls + Lifespan: The same as the first.

      Overall: Although I loved the first one, I loved this one even more. It's a great second game to the series taking the first game and improving everything they thought could be better.

      One of the great additions I found was the save points. Although I wasn't bothered by it, you could only save in an inn in the first but this time round you were allowed to save anywhere on the map. Additions like that streamline the whole experience for players.


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      21.08.2008 14:37
      Very helpful
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      Final fantasy origins consists of two great game, final fantasy one and two. With the added bonus of the CG cinematics and enhanced graphics it bring these games more up to date.
      Final fantasy one has four characters but with six job to choose from, for example knight, ninja white mage etc and you can choose who you want to have what job, all the same if you want. As ever the battle system is based on the ATB (active time battle). The plot is the world is governed by four elements, and due to people abusing them there going out, and its your job to save them and the world. With loads of magics and techniques to learn its a great game.
      Final fantasy two has four charcters to play as, and countless weapons and magic to upgrade, and with the apperance of final fantasy's chocobos. The plot to lead the rebelion against an evil empire to regain control over the wrong doings.
      Two great games.


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