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G Police 2: Weapons of Justice (PS)

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2011 18:01
      Very helpful



      Better then the first but only marginally more !

      After the success of G police 1, Psygnosis developed and released its sequel 'Weapons of Justice in 1999, The first thing I have to mention is that whilst the gameplay on this game is practically identical, the plot line picked up from where the last game left off and complicates matters unnecessarily. Because the great plot line wasn't there, it seems like your just flying around now blowing things up but not really caring why. But where the plot is predictably 'ive been betrayed oh no' the game makes up for it in the variance of spacecraft and weapons you can use.

      At the end of G Police 1, Slater, our hero had found out that his sister was murdered by the corporations, the story here, picks up from there, although some years later. The war between the corporations has come to an end, and Slater, now a veteran pilot with his own G police unit, continues to battle the gangs that run rife on the moon of Callisto where a colonial settlement lies. The Nanosoft corporation is still alive and kicking even after your victory over them in the first game, and there are regular skirmishes between them and the G Police, weakening G Police number sand starting to threaten order on Callisto. Outnumbered the G Police have asked for help from earth, in come the Earth Marine Corps, sent to assist G Police in cleaning up Callisto and putting Nanosoft back in its place. You are backed up on some missions by the marines and whilst the relationship looks like its going well, it is all just a front. The Marine Commanding Officer, Grice turns on the G Police , using his marine to crush what hes sees as the last organised resistance on Callisto against his total control. But not all Marines follow him and some turn to the G Police ranks. Yet again you are backstabbed (let me say that there is nothing more disconcerting then all the 'friendly's suddenly lighting up red, turn around and start shooting you up'- when you're mid-mission'- I digress. Grices plan is simple wipe out the G Police and use Callisto as a staging ground to turn on Earth itself, In the end you lead an assault on Grices strong hold, yet he managed to slip away and run into deep space- where you give chase , this is where it is massively different from the first GP. But Grice has just too much a lead, and despite taking out 2 of his 3 battleships, he makes a run for earth with you giving chase hoping to outrun him....but you never find out if you do

      Again Psygnosis use their rendering engines well, the ships are all very detailed and the same weapons affects apply.

      Gameplay and vehicles
      The Havoc and Venom ships from the first GP make a return, but you also get the Rhino , a sort of Armoured car , so now you get to drive low down with the rest of the grunts (I didn't like this much and found it very vulnerable to attack) and my favorite 'the raptor' a kind of half robot, half gunship looking platform, a bit like the things in 'Matrix Revolutions'. This was great fun because like the game Armored Core, you can Jump and floor grind along a surface - this gives you the detail of ground level, with the added advantage of flight (for a short time), the controls have become more complicated do to the nature of the vehicles you now control. There are many enemy vessels, the usual SAM sites, as well as marine craft, like the flying spacecrafts rather then the G Police units and the same robots you have. The dreaded huge gunships are still here too- real pant fillers !! they may be slow, but they have tough armour and a wide range of devestating weapons.

      Missions and vehicles
      There are 30 missions over two disks with primary and secondary objectives, so slightly more then the first GP, the usual escort, assault and defend missions as well as the missions into outer space. Although you still have many weapons plus some extras, you can no longer lock on to a target, place your craft behind a building and just fire and forget...my favorite tactic and you can now use an electronic jammer to stop enemy craft locking onto you !


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