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Ghostbusters 2 (Classic Game)

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    2 Reviews
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      23.04.2010 09:48



      Severely underrated.

      I do believe that this is underrated. Even Bill Murry, who plays Peter Venkman wasn't totally happy with this, saying it wasn't funny enough. And yet it still has a lot of laughs in it, and some sparkling dialogue.
      5 years after the initial film, Dana Barrett (again played by Sigourney Weaver) has left Venkman and has since had a baby with another man and is single again, living in Manhattan. As she walks down the street with her pram and the baby in it, a pink slime oozes slightly onto the street and touches her pram. The pram becomes out of control and moves by itself, stopping in the street. She looks on, knowing something supernatural is back in her life.
      The Ghostbusters, meanwhile, are out of business so are pursuing. different jobs. When hearing that Dana is in trouble again, they go to help and find out that a painting in the art museum is alive with a spirit, leading to a finale in the art museum.
      The problem with this is that the first one is so good, this just can't compete. But it really is a great comedy with some brilliant scenes (the court room scene is superb), a lot of laugh out loud moments and some brilliant dialogue. And the idea of a painting being haunted is is an inspired one. The first film was a hard act to follow, but I do think this one is a worthy sequel. It's just so underrated.


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      22.07.2009 09:08
      Very helpful



      Ghostbusters are going out of business untill..................

      I suppose that after watching Ghostbusters is was inevitable that Ghostbusters 2 was going to come next. I had no expectations about this film before seeing it so was not sure what to expect.

      This sequel is set 5 years after the first and we meet the Ghostbusters who have hit hard times. Their business is going down the pan and they are being sued for all the damage they have caused by catching these ghosts. Some of the gang are making some money by being the star attraction at children's birthday parties, not that the children are fans anymore!

      Things change for the gang when Dana has her baby taken in its pram and she goes to see the Ghostbusters to try and find out what or who took the pram. Dana is a bit wary of seeing the team again as she did have a brief relationship with Peter but that ended and she went on to get married and have a baby. Dana is now working at the museum where a massive paining of an old warrior has been bought up from the basement for cleaning. We soon find that this painting is not normal and the ghost inside it wants Dana's baby so that he can once again live through the babies body.

      Will the Ghostbusters be able to solve the mystery of the baby and the painting, will they ever win their court case with Louis Tully as their lawyer and how will Peter feel when he finds Dana back in his life?

      Well after seeing the first one I thought that this was not a patch on it. The storyline seemed a lot weaker despite the return of all the old favourite characters and seeing a lot more of Rick Moranis' characters. I just felt that this storyline went way too far fetched and so unbelievable. It started off well with the gang being unpopular and struggling to find work but then they suddenly found they were popular again which seemed just too easy. I know this is a fantasy film but it was just too much at times.

      The return of the actors from the first film was nice and I enjoyed seeing them all working together again and though that they all still had the same great on screen chemistry. They played their roles extremely well and I liked how Rick Moranis was featured a lot more as he did bring some good funny moments to the film. I did think that the return of Sigourney Weavers character was a bit much as why would no body else with a baby be in danger and it just seemed to convenient. I think I would have liked the role to have been taken by somebody else so it would have bought a new dimension to the film.

      The ghosts in this film did seem a lot scarier than in the previous film and I think that they were more evil and from a bad place where as in the first film they were all quite funny to see. I don't think that children would be scared by them but just watch with caution in some places if your children are quite young. I have to admit that neither my 7 or 5 year old were bothered by them at all but then again they do have to see mommy every morning before brushing her hair and putting on her makeup!

      The effects in this film were just as bad as the first and they were so unrealistic. I think though that this did help add to the cheesiness and humour of the film. The gang used the same equipment from the previous film so nothing new was added and it all still looked so strange and cheap. The music was quite good again in this film and I liked the use of the signature tune for this film as well. I was used a lot during the film which made for good listening. The other tracks which were used were all good and appropriate for the parts played in.

      The end of the film without giving too much away was just too much for me and I did actually roar with laughter as it was so unbelievable and daft. I don't know how they got away with this as it seemed such a stupid end to an otherwise watch able film.

      The DVD which we have does have some bonus material which includes:-

      Theatrical Trailer

      I have not watched these so cannot give comment on them.

      The running time of this film is 1 hour and 48 minutes which I felt was slightly too long and the story could quite easily have been shortened down to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The certificate is a PG and I do agree with this. Some of the ghosts are more scary than in the first but I don't think this would upset or scare children.

      I managed to pick this DVD up many months ago for just £4 which I felt was a good price. I do recommend that you try to catch this film on the television instead of paying for it.

      I will recommend this film as long as you don't expect too much and certainly don't expect it to be as good as the first.


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