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Grand Theft Auto 2 (DC)

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2001 17:25



      We all know that controversial things sell themselves, no matter how crap they are....but, surprisingly, grand theft auto was a very good game. Its refreshing to see a game as addictive as this apear outside of the 'puzzle' genre. And not only was it a very good game, but it proved that there are still some people out there who don't think that graphics maketh the game. Now, the sequal to the controversial shock em' up is here, and not only that, it's available on Dreamcast!! yay!! will it enjoys such success and impact the second time around. For those of you who don't have a glue, the vast bulk of the time you play the game is spent driving around, running people over, avoiding the traffic and the authorities. Not in your own vehicle of course, as the title might suggest. You can steel anything from sports cars to tanks, school buses to fire trucks. The world of GTA2 contains four drastically different groups of criminals, each with the aim of gaining complete control of the city. In no particular order they are the Scientists, the Loonies, the Rednecks, and the Yakuza. They're all very stereotypical: the Yakuza are Japanese Mafia types, the other three are pretty self-explanatory by design. An on-screen display shows the four gangs' opinions of you, something that becomes a vital tool when planning the next course of action when making your way around town. Gain a good reputation with a particular group (it's unlikely you'll please them all at once - gangs have a tendency to be quite competitive) and you may be given a mission to do. Be triumphant and the significance of the subsequent missions escalates. They vary greatly. There are the routine sort - assassination attempts and drug deliveries - and the more inventive, "steal/kill as many cars/people in five minutes," types. Regardless of the task at hand, there's never a time in GTA2 when you get lost or confused. This is thanks ma
      inly to the Crazy Taxi style green arrow that points you in the right direction. You can't help but admire the work that has been put into ensuring the vehicles handle realistically. Each one, vaguely modelled on a real life machine (this is the future, remember), controls exactly as you would expect. Moving around with the Dreamcast analogue controller takes a while to get accustomed to however, being as it is rather sensitive. Get familiar with its propensity to over steer at every opportunity though, and you'll be gliding around the corners like a pro. It may be compatible with the Dreamcast keyboard, however, i'm not sure. If you liked Crazy taxi or Driver, buy this. But don't expect anything drastically different from the original.


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