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Harvest Moon 2: It's a Wonderful Life (GC)

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2008 14:42
      Very helpful



      Life on the farm has never been this much fun!

      This game must be the 4th or 5th in the series it is a 1 player farm simulator game.

      You start off in a new town with 3 plots of land an animal barn and a chicken shed each of which can hold 8 animals. You also have a field with grass and a tree, as well as a shed which just wont open and a smallm house with a callender to see days of special events such as animal and food festivals and a tv to see what the weathers like each day.

      Firstly you can earn money by collecting wild fruit and mushrooms or excavating objects from the mine beside the towns water fall, then you can upgrade to growing crops (be sure to plant the right ones during the right seasons the game runs on real time)and thento chicken or sheep and cows, after a while you will be given a dog and cat free of charge depending on who you make friends with.

      Making friends in this game is crucial for cut scenes and special events, and you also please your three posible wives who all have totally different characteristics and favourite presents, one girl works in a bar, one with the other farm in the town and one with the local in (you can find out how much they like you by viewing thier love rating in thier diaries after they let you into thier rooms, which is revealed by the numberof hearts there are).

      However like in real life you do have competing guys after the girls and if you work too hard you could become sick and unable to work on your farm.

      Your animals can also get sick if you leave them outside during cold seasons or forget to feed them and can also die. So love your animals and feed and brush them everyday, if you keep your bought animals happy a friend of your dads gives you a lovely horse free of charge which speeds up transport around the small town.

      This game runs in real time so depending on what you do different people move on or in and the town expands, you can get married and have a baby too who grows up over time also which can be fun.

      After a while you can buy yarn and butter making machines and seed making machines and become self dependent after a few years of in game play.

      Is a very adictive and good looking game.


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