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Ice Age 2 (GC)

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2010 09:14
      Very helpful



      Overall, a very fun, addictive experience while it lasts

      Ice Age when it was released was a pretty successful attempt to emulate the amazing popularity of the movie by the same name so I wasn't surprised when Ice Age 2 was brought out and I was one of the first to buy it as I loved the movies so wanted to see if this game measured up well. I have to say it is good fun but a little too short which does seem to the problem with alot of these types of game based on animated movies.

      For those who don't know about Ice Age and what the films are all about, they feature a group of prehistoric animals on an adventure together across the icy conditions in the Ice Age thousands of years ago.

      In this second game like the movie the Ice is melting and you have to help the character of Scrat hoard thousands and thousands of nuts by jumping around different environments.

      The three main characters in Ice Age 2 are Manfred the mammoth, Sid the Sloth and Diego the sabertooth Tiger as they were in the first movie and game. Although as stated above none of these three principal characters is the star of this game and that accolade goes to Scrat who is the nervous looking rodent character whose main mission is keeping his nuts safe!

      Playing as Scrat you can jump, double jump, and pull off some very basic attacks that mostly involve stomping and swiping with his tail. Combat in the game is more of a secondary task, since most enemies can't be killed--just knocked out. The game is primarily about solving various puzzles and collecting loads of nuts.

      Overall, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is a fun and addictive platform game that should appeal to kids and adults alike. The gameplay is enjoyable and the characters look good. The one thing that lets it down is the length and it's just not that long unfortunately as if it was I think it could be a great game. So just be aware of that before you fork out alot of money on it but it's worth playing if you can find it cheaply in a store somewhere.


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