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Jambutty game (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2000 02:05



      A Website With A Difference There are many personal web sites out there just waiting for someone to come along and have a browse. Some are brilliantly put together, some good, some sort of O.K. and a few are downright poor. But all represent the hard work of individuals who have put their heart and soul into their "masterpiece". I'm no different except that I didn't want mine to be a run of the mill site, so I hit on the idea of making it a challenge to the surfer and also "fun". Whether it is or not is up to you to say. The opening page is a picture of a house and garden and the links are incorporated in the picture. Click on the "Site Info" notice board for site information. Click on the door to enter my house. There is also a link to my family tree but as it isn't finished yet it is protected by "The Gatekeeper" and only my brother and me knows the password. One day that section will be finished, then I'll remove "The Gatekeeper". Where is this link? Obviously being a link to a family tree it has to be a tree, the one without the swing. Without giving too much away, a link takes you to a page which is in the form of a puzzle, not unlike a poor man's Dungeons and Dragons. The adventurer has to work his/her way through a series of dungeons to get at the treasure whilst avoiding the pitfalls along the way and collecting eight letters which when re-arranged will form the password to get at the imaginary loot. The eight letters will form two passwords but only one of them is the correct one. JavaScript has enabled me to have dungeon doors that actually open, some of which reveal the letters to collect. Secret messages will appear at certain times of the day or night which give the traveller a second chance after wandering to their doom. A scattering of short sounds add to the experience. I would like to guide you to my web site at:-http://www.jam
      butty17.freeserve.co.uk At long last I have been able to view this site on a computer using a different browser other than my own set up. That is an Amiga A1200 and AWeb3. On a PC using Netscape everything came out as it should do. But on the same PC using Explorer I noticed a problem. The JavaScript I have used has a "browser test" which excludes every browser except Netscape and those that can "spoof" as Netscape. This means that on the Explorer that I was using the doors do not open thus you cannot see any of the letters to collect. I don't know how to get round this so can only apologise to all Explorers. But you can still try and find your way to the gold and if you get to "The Gatekeeper" that is protecting the treasure, you can claim a moral victory. I didn't write the JavaScript but found it on the 'net where clever people post their JavaScripts for others to use as they wish. I'm searching for something that works on all browsers. Some feedback would be "very useful" with information on which browser you use and whether you heard the various sound samples scattered around because not every browser understands <BGSOUND SRC="sound/scream.wav"> and those that don't just ignore it and you don't hear anything. Finally from now until 6th January 2001, my room has been trimmed up for Xmas and a tree has been erected. M-E-R-R-Y_____X-M-A-S


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