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James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire (GC)

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Deadly espionage and tactical action in this Jame Bond shooter!

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2009 16:23
      Very helpful



      Not too shabby a game to pick up

      This game was a fairly good bond tie in game. there have been many bond games over the years and this one is not the best, but still not bad. The game involves you playing as bond as he undertakes a new mission. the single player mode is good, the story line develops throughout the game and you find yourrself with a nice array of weapons and can go through the levels with a few gadgets too.

      There is the jetpack, which takes time to refuel after every use but launches you into a super high jump, then theres a grapple which lets you grapple up on grapple points. However in multiplayer this is brililant as you can grapple onto anything and hang off of it too.

      There are ssome driving level sin the game too which I must admit are fun at first, but become boring and similar after a while.

      The multiplayer in this game is really fun, it's just limited by the fact that only few of you can play at a time, and you can't play that mode on your own obviously. The multiplayer involes deathmatches, where you can pick up power ups with give you super speed, invisibility and amour etc.

      There is also a really good mode where you must protect the VIP from the opposing team. So every so oftern a NPC (Non player character) comes around and you must try and take out the opponenets VIP, while they try and take out youers. Meanwhile you both have to stop the other team from killing your VIP. Can be rreally fun.

      The game is now a bit outdated however still fun to play.


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