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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (GC)

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2003 18:38
      Very helpful



      • EASY!

      I'm very cautious when I buy games for any console, brand, review scores, innovative ideas, developers... they are all taken into account before a purchase and so therefore I never REALLY own a bad game, in fact out of the 24 Gamecube games I own none are in the slightest bit bad. Now praised as the worst game on the Gamecube was a title called Universal Studio's and I was highly tempted to play it, just to laugh at, just to experience a bad game. Now monthly Gamecube magazine NGC awarded the coverted worst game award to Jimmy Neutron.... so I rented it... actually bothered to play it till the end... and laughter is still filling the air. A game that could have arguably been made in a few hours, it is so incredibly easy, dull, repetitive, ugly, unplayable and genuine laugh a minute stuff. First thing I'm going to note for the pure humour of it all, is that the graphic's aren't too bad, I mean it isn't as if they don't have 3D models... nope instead no detail, shameful slowdown and even the regular glitch where you can't see anything at all! When it comes to music I have to confess... once... on the third level... i tapped my foot... briefly... which is better than the repeat pressing of the mute button that I did throughout the rest of the game! Gameplay wise you have a sure fire key for success (Note: Sarcasm doesn't work in text), controls that should be so simple but so stupidly misplaced to create a far more hand aching affair. It did have a promising concept, you have 6 average sized levels and you use a machine called a Goddard that can change into various different things such as a scooter, a sled and a pogo stick. The concept of a boy genius (taken from Dextars lab) does have a potential for a game. THQ hasn't realized it, instead you have an unplayable game, that is a pain to here and so stupidly easy I completed it in no more than 1hour and 53 minutes. I'll give it one small
      thing, the graphic's aren't too bad and the absence of detail is probably due to it being a cartoon in the first place. But lets put it this way... I managed to enjoy the game, I say enjoy... I mean tolerate... I say tolerate I'd rather nail my nuts to a plank of wood whilst being thrown from a plane without a parachute, dressed just like George Bush into Syria... So there you go.


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