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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 23:46
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      "Klax" is a video game released for the Gameboy Color console in 2000 by Midway Games. It is based on the popular 1980s arcade cabinet game. In the United States, the game received a rating of "E" by the ESRB panel which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      Klax is a puzzle game which is somewhat similar to "Tetris" but sees more resemblance in the later "Columns" game. The player is presented with a conveyor belt instrument which scrolls coloured tiles into play. The tiles appear to "walk" as they tumble from the top on to a scrolling "drop meter" which controls their positioning in the bin for matching. The player must match a series of three identical colours to remove them from the display. Should the tiles not appropriately fit at a certain time, the player can move these back onto the conveyor belt to return at a later period. The game is dependent on high scores and a player must achieve a certain number before filling the bottom portion of the display. It is simple in design but can become quite challenging in periods requiring higher scores and faster scrolling.

      The graphics of this title are good but do show a sense of pixelation throughout. Many of the tiles in their scrolling phase are quite "dotty" in appearance. It is also difficult to accurately see the bottom portion of the display where tiles are being matched. The tile appearance is very small and requires a sharp eye to disgusting the colour fragments clearly. The sound is also minimalistic and features simple cues to follow the player throughout the game.

      The gameplay of Klax remains identical to its successful arcade counterpart and could see some success to fans of vintage gaming. While it does boast a few graphical faults, it does offer considerable replay value in longer bursts.


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