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Konami Winter Games (GB)

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2009 00:34
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      "Millennium Winter Sports", also known as "Konami Winter Games" in Europe, is a video game released for the Gameboy Color console in 2000 by Konami. It is a sports title with various Olympic winter games being represented. In the United States, the game received a rating of "E" by the ESRB panel which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      The game features seven popular winter events including the ski jump, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, slalom, speed skating, half pipe snowboarding and the bobsled. Each feature their common rules and designations requiring a player to perform within certain boundaries. Most events require that the player complete the circuit in the fastest possible time, with events such as alpine skiing and slalom requiring to navigate between flag gates, but there are also trick related events such as the half pipe and freestyle skiing. All events require the play to repeatedly alternate between pressing the "A" and "B" button to generate speed for his or her on screen character. It is generally an easy game to complete but can prove frustrating due to the "button mashing" techniques required.

      The graphics of this title are excellent and show strong attention to detailing. There is no evidence of pixelation throughout and all graphical implements come across as having considerable effort being devoted to their development. Numerous metres and other gauges follow the player throughout. These are all smoothly animated and react appropriately to even the slightest changes in play. The audio is also of a comparably good standard, though somewhat lacking as the majority of the sound is heard in the menu systems as opposed to out "in the field".

      Overall, Millennium Winter Sports offers a varied play to those who may otherwise grow tired of single event titles. With seven different events at the player's disposal it is not likely that one would find him or herself bored too quickly.


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