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Looney Tunes Collector - Martian Alert! (GB)

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2009 23:06
      Very helpful



      May only appeal to fans of the Looney Toons series

      "Martian Alert!" is an adventure game based on the Looney Tones animated series. This episode stars Bugs Bunny who learns of the Martian's attempt to destroy the Earth but has lost pieces of his space radar across the area of play. Bugs Bunny must find these fragments to prevent the destruction of the world. He is also accompanied throughout the game by other Looney Tunes characters which may prove useful in some areas.

      Gameplay is presented from an overhead view which looks down on the map. The player must guide Bugs Bunny through a series of maps while avoiding obstacles, such as barb wire fencing. He will also be pursued by traditional enemies of the series, such as Elmer Fudd, but can defeat them by jumping on top of their head. Some of these characters will also be "tamed" and usable by the player when Bugs explains the Martian plot to destroy Earth. Controls are standard in that "A" will make use of a specific action, such as Bugs Bunny's jump or Elmer Fudd's rifle, and "B" will use an item which the character is carrying, for example maps or food items.

      Graphics are poor on this title and could have benefit from additional time in detailing. Bugs Bunny does not show off some of his trademark features, such as long ears, very clearly during in-game play. I also found the environmental features such as the dirt or grassland which Bugs runs across to be poorly designed and came across rather as a solid colour without any real variation in finer details.

      The musical compositions in this title are acceptable and do not bring discomfort to the ears. The same thing could also be said about the few sound effects that are presented in this game, but these are very faint in comparison to the very audible music; sound effects provide the accenting level of sound which they are meant to provide to a title.

      Overall, "Martian Alert!" does provide some challenge to the player but is held back by its poor graphics considering its later release date in the Gameboy Color's lifecycle. This title may appeal to some players but may repel most; it is not something I would recommend to prospective buyers.


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