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Medabots: Infinity (GC)

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2009 22:38
      Very helpful



      Worst Gamecube game ever.

      As a Medabots fan I was always interesting in checking out Medabots Infinity - the only 3D Medabots game around compatible with both Gamecube and Wii. I found it years later on eBay for a cheap price because it seemed to have just vanished off the shelves at local game stores. Oh what a terrible mistake I made. Natsume, how could you have delivered such a disgrace?

      Medabots was a popular anime series several years ago. It had action figures, handheld games, a trading card game and all that good stuff. Then it suddenly just vanished from existance in the US. Its about a world where people own Medabots, or robots with artificial intelligence that are used in the sport of Robattling.

      "There's been some trouble lately at the poplar amusement park, Toru-Toru Land... it seems that some of Riverview's kids have gone missing. It is rumored that this medamischief is due to the twisted Rubberobo Gang!

      Join Ikki as he begins his journey as a Medafighter and tries to save the missing amusement park attendees from the cluthces of the evil Rubberobo Gang! Ikki must solve various mysteries and puzzles with help of his trusted Medabot. Completely customize your Medabot to solve various puzzles for action-packed Robattles! Robattle characters and Medabots popular in the Medabots TV animated series!"

      WOW. That description on the back of the box makes this game sound wonderful! But once you start playing, the first thing you ask is, "Is this the same game?" I haven't even encountered the Rubberobo Gang yet! I'm still trapped in the tedious puzzles which are "Meta-mind boggling" according to the box. Is that what they call it? Mind boggling? You're forced into these dark dungeons where giant boulders and cannons are your only enemies and you can't fight back. You're trying to solve a maze and unlock doors to get to robattles. The map is totally useless. How to solve puzzles is difficult mainly because the controls suck and the camera angle can only work against you. IF and when you finally get to a robattle, the enemy is a total basket case. It wanders around and sometimes KOs itself by drowning in a lake. It doesn't even recognize you unless you run up to it and stand there. Attacks are worthless. They do such little damage and leave you open to hits. Pretty much you're relying on the Medaforce which is a big energy blast to KO your opponents quickly and easily. There is no lock-on feature, so most of your attacks will miss because the opponent is like some drug addict with the jitters. You're trapped in a ridiculous maze and the overall objective seems to be more focused on solving the stage than robattling.

      Graphics aren't even that great. The Medabots should be shiny robots but they look more like plushie teddy bears or something. You can customize your Medabot with different parts which really don't help. Depending on the stage, you may need specific leg parts to be able to move around properly.

      There are no game guides or video walkthroughs available. I question if anyone actually beat the game.

      One saving grace is that it has 2 player versus mode but that sucks because in order to get new parts to test out, you need to play the main game and defeat bosses.

      This game will make you grit your teeth in sheer rage and frustration. You'll want to smash your controller or toss the game out the window into oncoming traffic. Horrible blend of action-RPG elements, poor controls, annoying stages and pathetic battles.. overall this is not a gaming experience you want to have. The GBA games are far better.


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