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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (GC)

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2012 09:29
      Very helpful



      One of the better street racing games available but the Xbox 360 version is better!

      The Need For Speed games are possibly one of the most popular games of all time and this one is one of the best in the series. Need For Speed Most Wanted is a fast paced racing game developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The game is also available on a wide range of systems that include the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, GameCube and much more. Its one of the best games available for just about everything. Need For Speed Most Wanted is the tenth game in the series and there have been many more after this one and they are still making them now. Need For Speed games are different to most racing games because the races actually take place on the streets. The game also features a little bit of a storyline.

      === STORY ===
      You arrive in the city of Rockport in the ALMS version of the BMW M3 GTR from following a mysterious girl called Mia. You must then prove that you're a great driver by racing whilst being pursued by a police officer who has vowed to bring an end to street racing once and for all. Just when the races seem to be going in your favour, the games bad guy Razor sabotages your car so you lose and the cops catch you. At the police station you get released due to them not having any evidence on you. Mia then picks you up and informs you that to get to Razor for revenge on the streets you must go through a list called blacklist 15. This features 15 of the best street racers from Rockport. You must then work your way past 14 other racers until you can be considered a worthy challenger by Razor. The time to race is now!

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The main mode in Need For Speed Most Wanted is Career mode. After immediately starting Career mode you will find that you're already put in a race against Razor but whilst you are in a one vs one race you are also being hunted down by the police. The race that you start in is what they call a sprint race. Sprint races don't consist of laps and usually involve you driving from start to finish but you cant drive the wrong way because there are barriers guiding you which way to go. After the race you are taken in a flashback to the past few days and must win numerous races before the game starts properly. After that you must buy a new vehicle which is obviously not as good as the one you was using. Now you are directed to your home where you can store cars, check out what races are available and other bits. In your home you are told that you must start at blacklist number 15 and work your way up but you cant take on the blacklist members straight away because you need to earn the respect before being able to race them. Each one requires you to win a certain amount of races, gain so much bounts and some require you to complete challenges.

      There are lots of different race types in the game which include my personal favourite Drag races. In drag races the aim is to finish before your opponents and to do this you must shift up gears manually at the right time and avoid traffic. Hitting traffic in drag races will total your cars and you will have to restart if that happens. Other races include lap knockout which means who ever is last after each lap is eliminated from the race until one is left the winner, sprint which is you against other cars races to a certain places, tollbooth is a time limit race where you are on your own against the clock and there are also a lot more different races. You must also acquire a certain amount of bounty to be able to challenge the current blacklist member. To get bounty you must complete milestones or cause mayhem whilst in free roam. A certain number of milestones must also be completed which will involve doing things such as avoiding a police pursuit for several minutes or going through a speed camera at a certain speed plus there are others that involve ramming so many road blocks and so on.

      Also in Career mode you can visit places of interest like car dealerships, shops so you can paint your cars or add decals and vinyls or you can visit a tune shop to add things like nitro and other parts to your cars. You can also free roam the city if you feel like it but its always best to be careful due to the police being around somewhere. Career mode is great but there is also a mode called Challenge Series and in this mode you can take on numerous challenges. The challenges include the same sort of races you do in Career mode but they are a little more challenging and you can only start by doing a few until you unlock more by completing the ones that are open. You can earn some rewards from this mode so its always good to do them. You can also take part in quick races if you want to just have a quick race or two. View your current cars in your garage and change the options all from the main menu. There are no online options for this GameCube game as the GameCube wasn't really an online console. Other versions of the game feature online features.

      === GRAPHICS ===
      The graphics are fantastic for the Xbox 360 version because I play my mums game but this GameCube one is very plain and ordinary and definitely not the best for a car game. Also it looks slightly dated but don't let that put you off too much because its still an enjoyable game. Most of the tracks look okay but the streets and the things on the streets are dodgy looking. The buildings look wooden at times and definitely are disappointing to say the least. Some parts of the graphics are quite good especially the weather effects and when you are driving in them. However other than that its a slight disappointment with cars, tracks and scenery all looking dated.

      === SOUND EFFECTS ===
      The music is okay and will please some gamers but its certainly not my cup of tea because its rap and RnB stuff. Menu music and in game music is the same as well. The menu sounds are quite good though and as are the in game sound effects when you're driving. Collisions sound pretty good at times as do the high speed chases that take place when the cops are onto you. Hitting roadblocks and ramming police vehicels brings out the best of the sound effects. Overall the sound effects have enough in them to be considered good in my eyes.

      === DIFFICULTY ===
      The difficulty varies on the GameCube version and depends what member of the blacklist you are on. They all start fairly easy from 15 to about 10 but after that it starts to get a little complicated. Later in the game when you need so much bounty and have to do so many races and milestones the game is actually quite difficult. When you reach the last member of the blacklist be prepared to be annoyed and extremely frustrated because it is quite tricky to say the least. Challenge Series starts off simple as well but as you open more challenges the game gets a little more complicated. The controls to the game are okay but can become confusing after playing another car game. Overall its quite a difficult game.

      === LONGEVITY ===
      Need For Speed Most Wanted is quite a good game in terms of length and although Career mode doesn't sound that big with only 15 members on the blacklist it actually is. Each one has so many races, milestones and challenges that you need to do so they take a while and when you're about to take the blacklist member on you will notice that its not just the one race and it could be two, three or even four. Challenge Series can last a while too because there are a lot of different challenges and they are challenging to say the least. So to sum up the game will probably last you in the region of 30 0dd hours which is quite good for a Need For Speed game.

      === PROS ===
      *The story to the game is quite interesting.
      *There are a lot of different race types, challenges and milestones to complete.
      *Decorate your cars with decals, vinyls and a fantastic paint job.
      *Some of the sound effects are brilliant and certainly make the game better.
      *A lot of different cars and a few decent game modes to play.

      === CONS ===
      *I hate most of the music and feel it doesn't fit in.
      *Very dated graphics overall which is disappointing.
      *A very difficult game as you progress through the career and come up against better members of the blacklist.
      *No multiplayer options on the GameCube version which is a shame.
      *Its quite hard to find in most game shops and for a new copy its expensive.

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Need For Speed Most Wanted is probably my best Need For Speed game so far to date but not this version. The Xbox 360 version of the game is flawless compared to this and has a lot more to offer, This one does still deliver and can offer GameCube fans a lot. Its fun, quite packed and is full with challenges and races. It also has some decent sound effects which make the game better. The graphics do look slightly dated but it is on the GameCube so that's expected.

      I would recommend the game if you have a GameCube but if you have an Xbox 360 then its definitely better to get the game for that. If you love a good street racing game then look no further because Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of the best of its kind. Also if you like the other Need For Speed games then this is right up your street and you will adore it. The game manual is okay but nothing special and the game has an age rating of only 3+ and I think it should be a lot higher.

      The game cost me a couple of quid from my local market but I have seen the game on Amazon for roughly around the £4 price mark. For a brand new copy you're looking at over £15. Its worth £4 but definitely not worth anything more than that.

      A reasonable game for the GameCube but nothing spectacular. I would give the game a reasonable 6/10! The Xbox 360 is much better!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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        13.09.2009 21:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A decent game which is available quite cheap, a must for fans of the series only

        Need For Speed is one of the most popular video game racing series and it has changed a lot over the years. This is the sequel of sorts to Need For Speed Underground 2 and there are features from the underground games and the games before them. This game reintroduces police chases into the mix i.e. if you damage stuff or you race past a police car they will chase you so you can outrun them or damage them so they can't follow you. The customisation option is still available and again you have to work your way up from the small rubbish cars to the Porshes etc.

        The graphics aren't the best as this is an older Gamecube game but in most cases it doesn't really matter and the music is forgettable but again its not essential to the gameplay. The cutscenes have some nice CGI and help make the story more interesting.

        The story is that you arrive in the fictional city of Rockport and you are pursued by a veteran police officer but you get away. You end up racing against the main racer in the city but he sabotages your car and you get captured by the police and you lose your car. The goal of the game is to work your way up the black list beating each of the races on it in order to get to the guy who got your car.

        The gameplay is pretty fun and police chases are pretty awesome at times. The free roaming aspect is good as well because it means you can g anywhere and start a police chase at any point. The races are pretty good as are the other gameplay modes.

        This isn't the best racing game out there but it's a good bargain if you want a racer that allows you to customise etc. and that isn't serious.


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